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June 20 2008

Rusty was not pulling me on the leash and was more attentive. It just makes sense to "speak" dog language. Both Rusty and I were exhausted with quite a workout, but it was a good tired. The trainers [Jeff and Cathy] were patient and great teachers. I am very grateful.

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Deb Z.

June 19 2008

Lucy, our miniature schnauzer, has superior improvement from the fear of thunder & lightning. She normally would be in a frenzy of barking and we would have to use a muzzle and put her in a dark closet to quiet her so that we could sleep. Now a simple BAH (OR TWO) will put her at ease.

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John Jane Dickerson

June 19 2008

Very non-judgmental. We haven't understood how to be good pack leaders for our dogs, 8 and 9 years old, until now. The natural training techniques used by Bark Busters makes sense! Patrick explained the training techniques in a way that was easy to follow and understand. We recommend Bark Busters.

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Mardi & Scott Fowler
Fort Myers

June 19 2008

Who doesn't want a well-behaved dog? Bark Busters teaches a natural training approach that can help the owner establish control all without treats or the need for any type of punishment. Dogs are pack animals and learning how to communicate effectively with a dog in a language it understands is the first step in establishing control. Bark Busters is the only worldwide dog training company to offer a written lifetime guarantee. Their trainers offer clients a variety of natural dog training services right in your home to correct any behavior or obedience issues in dogs of all ages and breeds, including puppies. Their natural training methods work in hours not weeks. You are sure to see positive results within the first few hours. Several of our staff members have had Bark Busters out to our homes and have all been completely satisfied with the quick results. It is truly a method that can be used in your daily schedule. Feel free to stop in and pick up a Bark Busters brochure.

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San Carlos Park Animal Hospital
Fort Myers

June 18 2008

We couldn't believe it worked so quickly. Maril was terrific! Very accommodating and accessible. She answered our questions by phone after the initial lesson. The background information was very helpful for understanding concepts. The training worked right away! Our Ellie is a "new" dog and we are a much happier family because of it.

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Kara & Steve Hocking
Royal Oak

June 17 2008

Scot is very knowledgeable. It all made sense.

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Jeanne O'Connor

June 17 2008

This has been very helpful for both 'Leia' and us on all points.

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Sharon and Charles Wire

June 17 2008

Photo of Patti March's dog

My trainers were phenomenal! I enjoyed the training and I learned so much as did both my rescue dogs!

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Patti March

June 17 2008

After previous disappointments with treat training, along with the fact that there is no punishment involved, we are very excited to see this process working! We're very impressed with the knowledge that these trainers possess. The natural way makes sense!

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Allyson H.

June 17 2008

Trainers were very effective and my dog responded well and immediately

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Donna Z.

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