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April 8 2008

EXCELLENT! Patrick explained the techniques in a way that was easy to follow and understand. We observed noticeable results with Lola, our Rottweiler, by the end of the training. The natural training techniques used by Bark Busters is pleasing as is the training experience. We found it to be interesting and enjoyable.

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James & Laura Weaver
Bonita Springs

April 7 2008

Jeff and Cathy were very helpful and clear in teaching their techniques. Our dog responded immediately, it was like night and day. We had a completely different dog. It's nice to communicate with our dog. The training is fun and interesting. Bark Busters is an outstanding program and we highly recommend it. Thank you very much. We appreciate your continued help!

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Darcy D. & Gavin G.

April 7 2008

We saw results immediately. Bijou responded and changed by the end of our session. We loved Bark Busters approach.

Courtney and Paul Jebailey

April 7 2008

It is fun and easy. I know now after my puppy's first training lesson that she can do it and it will be easy for me!

Ashley Wheeler

April 7 2008

By the end of the first session, Susie was paying close attention to ME and looking to ME for guidance! And, no barking! In one session I not only know how to get her to stop barking at everything, but now feel like I can correct ANY problem behavior!

Mary & Dave Olive

April 7 2008

Excellent results! All techniques are very common sense, just things you never think about.

Amy and Aaron Kjenslie

April 7 2008

Jodi was very kind and patient. Sadie took to her right away.

Crystal Harrington

April 7 2008

Excellent trainer. My dogs loved her.

Elaine Lawless

April 7 2008

Amazing! I truly thought Duncan would be that dog that you couldn't get trained. HA! It was amazing to see.

Jan B.
Lakewood, Colorado

April 7 2008

Finally, someone was able to help me with Bindi, my Papillon, rather than ignoring her bad behavior simply because she is small. Jodi explained everything very well and helped me to understand how to properly follow through with the training techniques. I was very impressed by the change in Bindi that happened before my eyes in a matter of minutes. I appreciated the natural training techniques - I feel Bindi is able to understand and respond better without physical consequences. Both Bindi and I enjoyed the training session. She seems to be relieved that I've found a way to communicate with her. I highly recommend Bark Busters to both friends and clients at the vet office I work at. Jodi really understood and catered to the needs of my dog. I truly appreciate the help I received from Bark Busters. I'm so impressed with the results I've seen from Bark Busters - not only after two hours, but after three days of Bindi's bad behaviors vanishing and her good behavior continuing to amaze me. Thank you so very much.

Christine Hanes

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