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January 29 2008

Scot was very thorough.

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Kelly Miceli

January 28 2008

It works right away. Easy for teens to follow as well. I have already recommended Bark Busters to two people.

Pam C.

January 28 2008

I couldn't believe the difference in my dog. It was fun and I learned things that I would never have thought of.

Judy G.

January 28 2008


Susan H.

January 28 2008

Poogan started listening to sit, stay, come on the first visit. The training was very easy to understand and follow. The experience was very nice and understanding. Cheryl is very natural with her training.

Angie M.

January 28 2008

With continued work with the dog, I feel confident that the results will be excellent. I have previously been exposed to the "jerking" type of training and I am very impressed with Bark Busters natural training techniques. I had fun working and learning with my pet! I have several friends who could use this training for their dogs. I am looking forward to the trained dog that I will have after working with her.

Sandy T.

January 28 2008

Quick change in dog's behavior.

Marie W.

January 28 2008

Cheryl made it very easy for me to understand and the dogs showed results right away when we started working with them.

Melissa Y.

January 28 2008

Remarkable results after one session. Yes! We like the fact that treats are not used.

Karen C.

January 28 2008

This is a simple method and easy to follow. The dogs are responding after the initial visit. More practice needed on the human part, of course!!

Teresa B.

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