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January 28 2008

Can start to see improvements during the first training session.

Allison N.

January 28 2008

Flip chart was helpful, never felt confused about what our goal was. Yes, we noticed results even though it took many trials, we can tell that practice makes perfect. We are happy that Bark Busters is not treat based. This training is in a different way than we have ever thought about. In home training works well because that is the environment that the training will be applied, too.

Bob and Chelsea L.

January 28 2008

Like technique -- using treats wasn't working

Linda C.

January 28 2008

We saw results in the first session with was incredible.

Kevn and Meredith F.

January 28 2008

Brian was extremely detailed in the explanation -- very easy to understand. It made sense immediately! The training was everything Brian had promised and more. Both our dogs now walk to heal. It was very easy to learn and put into practice, and it was a very enjoyable experience. I have already recommeded Brian and Bark Busters to 2 co-workers who have new puppies. We all thoroughly enjoyed the training, and it seemed so obvious once explained.

Meloney M.
Golden, Colorado

January 28 2008

The dogs seem more relaxed. Brian has been SO helpful already. I would recommend him to anyone.

Sara R.
Aspen, Colorado

January 28 2008

Photo of Ryan Cunningham's dog

It really helped to do the training at home. Group training we received elsewhere wasn't personal enough. Becky maintained a healthy sense of humor and made it interesting and enjoyable. It was easy and we saw immediate results! Becky listened well and was sensitive to the interpersonal aspect involved between husband and wife.

Ryan Cunningham
Cherry Hills Village

January 28 2008

Photo of Don & Linda Decker's dog

Becky was very good with us and so patient. Can't believe the great results! So happy with the natural training and that they don't use the harness that goes on the face across the nose. It was an enjoyable and educational experience.

Don & Linda Decker

January 28 2008

All I can say is "wow." After one session it was like we had a different dog. I've always seen this on TV shows and thought it was staged until I saw it with my own two eyes. What a difference!

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Bob McCarthy

January 28 2008

I was absolutely amazed how quickly my dog responded to the Bark Buster techniques. I would recommend Bark Busters because of the amazing, noticeable results seen in a short period of time. Patrick was a pleasure to work with and my dog responded so quickly to the techniques he taught us.

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Michelle & Bill Berke
Fort Myers

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