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November 6 2007

Alison is great, and I said "WOW" so much as she taught us amazing things. We observed immediate results; my dogs have a totally new perspective. I have already recommended Alison to my friends and co-workers. What a breath of relief to have behaved dogs that want to learn.

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Eilish F.

November 5 2007

It was an incredible transformation. In a few hours our dog was listening to our commands. Stephen was absolutely incredible with how he helped get my children to understand why we have to all be consistent.

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Jennifer Johnson

November 5 2007

I see the change in Murphey in one day and would love for others to have that joy with their dog. It was nice to learn more from the dog's point of view and made us realize why some of his behaviors exist.

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Steve and Maria Calvery

November 5 2007

Within 5 minutes, it was as if someone swapped our dogs! We asked the trainer where he was hiding the pixie dust. We've now recommended Bark Busters to two other owners. We hope you can get through to their "monsters" like you did ours. We only wish we'd started with Bark Busters when they were young pups!

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Brian and Bridget Hlava
Cedar Grove

November 5 2007

Photo of Ron & Sandy Schmitt's dog

The training techniques are very simple and easy to understand. Becky answered questions with direct answers. We were quite amazed and pleased to know our dog is actually trainable and not "dumb"! The natural training techniques seem very calm and reasonable. I don't like shouting or hitting/jerking in a mean manner. We were very impressed with learning dog behavior/language and knowing how to interpret it. We would recommend Bark Busters because even after the first visit I feel I have some control over my dog's behavior. I'm so happy I can finally take my dog for a walk and not the other way around!

Ron & Sandy Schmitt

November 5 2007

Photo of Jackie White's dog

I would absolutely recommend Bark Busters & Linda. She was great!

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Jackie White

November 5 2007

Totally amazing! Marsha explained the techniques clearly to us and we saw results the first day! Our Doberman ignored previous training attempts, but this got her attention right away! And it's nice to know that Marsha will come back and work with us if we relapse.

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Harry and Barbara P.

November 4 2007

I learned a lot of great techniques that are humane and easy to teach.

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Samantha Fischer

November 4 2007

We owe our sanity and dog's life to Jason. We adopted a coonhound several months ago and she ate 3 beds, a headrest in the car, a sofa, and 4 seats off our kids bikes, she routinely could be found standing on all four legs eating off our kitchen table- then Jason came into our home!! He has taught us how to control our dog. The first night he was here over 3 hours due to our 4 young children constantly interrupting, Jason was patient, kind and very thorough with his instructions. Casey is responding very well to the training and it is not hard to implement, especially for our family with lots of little kids running around. We can't believe the difference Jason's techniques have made in our dog! "We are large and in charge!" Thank you, Bark Busters and especially Jason.

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Kim Bouressa

November 4 2007

Photo of Jeri & Steve Cunningham's dog

It was shocking to see how quickly the dogs behavior changed. It was incredible! Very easy to follow. Linda was great to work with, very knowledgeable, caring and patient. We felt good that we could get the dogs to behave! I would recommend Bark Busters & Linda because the results are immediate. The training is in your home versus one hour per week type classes for 8-12 weeks. Linda is excellent and she really wants to help you get the behavior you want for your dog. And the dogs the the cube toy!

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Jeri & Steve Cunningham

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