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February 16 2008

Photo of Debbie Meltzer's dog

Amazing! Kirby responded immediately. Becky was a big part of making the training experience enjoyable and interesting. She is a very caring and professional person. Becky has a wonderful nature and it's obvious how quickly the training works.

Debbie Meltzer

February 16 2008

Photo of Roberta Brooke's dog

Terry has been extremely instrumental in making it possible for Jaegar to adjust and become a loving and well behaved member of our family. Jaegar is a 11-month-old Weimaraner that we adopted from a rescue organization. Previously, he had no discipline or correct socialization, basically living in crates or kennels most of his puppy life. We have had lots of dogs in our lives and thought we had the skills to cope with his behaviour problems, we could not have been any more wrong! Terry has trained us to communicate our wishes to Jaegar in such a way that he truly understands what we expect which has relieved us of a great amount of stress and has made him a much happier and well adjusted dog. Terry truly cares not only about the dogs but, the owners as well. The Bark Busters techniques really work! It is amazing!

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Roberta Brooke

February 15 2008

They explained themselves in an simple and easy manner. Simple things made a difference. I learned new things about the way I was interacting with Simba. I'm very happy I contacted Bark Busters.

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Karla G.

February 15 2008

I was very pleased at the session. Ethel immediately recognized the Bah! Her body language changed rapidly. I was absolutely pleased with the training methods! Not treat based! So many dogs are not food motivated (ours), so this works! Jeff and Cathy were great. I was very comfortable with them. So far we've been pleased with the results. We're very hopeful for Ethel! Thanks!

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Steve & Molly L.

February 15 2008

We've gone through two 8-week sessions with another training facility, yet in this two-hour session, I have seen such a dramatic improvement already! I am astonished by how easy and effective the training is. We need to work and practice, but now we have the right philosophy and tools.

Lori Story
San Ramon

February 14 2008

Alison has made an incredible difference with our three dogs. Before Bark Busters, our American bull dog, Jasper, was a jumping, nipping leash pulling maniac. Now he's far more subdued, polite and respectful of humans -- an absolute joy to be around. She is an incredible trainer with a sixth sense for understanding pack law and communicating with animals of all kinds.

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February 14 2008

Photo of Rosemary Forcade & Jack Oostdik's dog

Everything was explained very well and easy to follow. We saw noticeable results and Daisy is doing very well with the training. We now understand the "pack" & "dog talk" procedure. It was a very enjoyable experience, and we would recommend Bark Busters because we saw results immediately. It was a lot to absorb in one session, but we realize the importance to aggressively continue and to also praise, praise, praise"!

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Rosemary Forcade & Jack Oostdik

February 12 2008

Does Bark Busters have a program for children

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Linda Simms

February 12 2008

Our dog was an aggressive mess, but by the end of the training, we got our dog back! I would absolutely recommend Bark Busters to friends and neighbors.

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Mandy and Matt Smith

February 12 2008

I had taken my dogs thru regular training classes, but they still did not listen to me. They would bark at every little sound, my husband couldn't even walk through the house without being barked at, never mind company come over. They would pee all over the house, even after being outside: it was getting very annoying. I had just about given up on ever having a peaceful household when I heard an ad for Bark Busters. I figured why not I tried everything else.

Christine Kasulis

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