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April 20 2008

EXCELLENT! Patrick explained why dogs act like they do and understanding that sure made a difference in understanding the training. We saw noticeable results with Chewie and Seminole, our Maltese dogs, by the end of the lesson. We recommend Bark Busters.

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Cindy & John Jones
Cape Coral

April 20 2008

Jim explained the techniques clearly and we loved the training. It was great to see such immediate results. We have already recommended Jim and Bark Busters to our friends and neighbors.

Renee and John B.

April 19 2008

Patrick is very good at making you, the owner, understand your roll. He explained things in a way that was easy to follow and understand. We observed noticeable results by the end of the training. We were very pleased with the natural training techniques used by Bark Busters. We found the training experience to be interesting and enjoyable. We are all enjoying the new, fresh approach to training Gingi, our Pomeranian. We would recommend Bark Busters to our friends and neighbors because the difference in just two hours was remarkable. Wonderful program. Wonderful, Patrick.

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Lana & Richard McBride

April 19 2008

Photo of Barbara & Harvey G.'s dog

We are in the midst of training a 6 month old puppy. Our trainer, Rebecca Jones has been excellent. She is giving us the kind of support that she promised. Our Welsh Terrier needs a lot of training. We always have someone to call when our pup displays another objectionable trait.

Barbara & Harvey G.

April 18 2008

This program is very simple! Patrick was very thorough and explained everything plain and simple. I noticed my dogs' behavior change immediately! My dogs (Lexus, Titan, Drakon and Saber -- American bull terriers) and I seem to understand each other now. I like you don't have to be physical at all with your dogs. The dogs react very well to these methods. The training experience was very interesting. To see how dogs look to the pack leader, it is very easy to maintain leadership. I would recommend Bark Busters. I now look at my dogs in a whole new way. Our relationship will be better now we can communicate!

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Sara Meeks, Veterinary Technician with Best Friend
Fort Myers

April 18 2008

Wow! What a difference Leigh Ann made in my life with Bessie. She is a wonderful but very strong Airedale. In just one session I became the leader by learning how to get her to focus on me and listen to my commands. Just having Leigh Ann to teach me what to do was worth everything. I now feel that I am in control and not Bessie.

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Marcia Scanlan

April 18 2008

Robin was an outstanding trainer, and the changes in behavior in both dogs have been remarkable! I would 100% recommend Robin and Bark Busters to friends and relatives!

Cheri Baker

April 17 2008

It was hard to believe the quick results that we got. I am referring my clients to you and talking up your methods. Your program is simply EXCELLENT. It will make life better for a lot of dogs and their owners. Frank, thanks a ton.

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Michael Torano, DVM, Anaheim Hills Animal Clinic
Anaheim Hills

April 17 2008

We have been breeding Australian shepherds for five years. We have done a lot of training with various public and private facilities, and for the most part, were satisfied. However, as our pack grew, we began experiencing problems with dominance and barking that became out of control. We had gone back to repeat dog training classes with other trainers, bought and used "bark collars," and even bought and used an "e-collar." Sometimes these methods worked, and most times they did not work out with any type of consistency. --- I met Wendy and we reviewed the material and methods of Bark Busters training. I was skeptical at first, having gone through so many other training methods with other trainers, and still not being able to control the barking. ---

Kate Hall
Hall's Australian Shepherds - www.hallsaustralians

April 16 2008

Everything was explained in a great way that was easy to understand. We learned great techniques and by the end of our walk, our dogs were not pulling and we could control their barking. The techniques are easy to understand and follow. The training was great and very rewarding. I will definitely recommend Bark Busters to my friends and family. Kathy was an amazing trainer. I believe because of her help, we will be very successful in training our dogs. Thank you.

Josh Edler
St. Louis

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