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January 8 2008

The flip chart was easy to understand.

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Michael & Donna Dell'Arco

January 7 2008

Photo of Sara Ribbens's dog

I noticed a huge change in my dogs' behavior in the time Becky was here. I have seen great results in days that corrected problems I have had for a long time!

Sara Ribbens

January 7 2008

Vicky was super great with our dogs. I think they want her to come every day!!

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Marianne Van Dyck
Tinley Park

January 7 2008

Owen reacted instantly to the training -- in a very positive way! Robin was very clear in her demonstrations and explanations. I like having one basic command for correction. If I do my homework, it really works!

Lynn Heintzman

January 6 2008

Photo of Eric Rasmussen's dog

We saw results right away! It was a good pace and I like how the training involved the whole family.

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Eric Rasmussen

January 4 2008

Would definitely recommend to friends and neighbors. Was very surprised by results after the first lesson.

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Carol Stream

January 4 2008

I have already seen an improvement by the end of the training! Thank you!

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Glen Ellyn

January 4 2008

The training in our home was perfect. Everyone participated and we are all on the same page.

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January 4 2008

It is wonderful to have the training within the puppy's comfort zone at home.

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January 4 2008

I have seen a noticeable change in my dog's behavior.

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