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April 16 2008

Everything was explained in a great way that was easy to understand. We learned great techniques and by the end of our walk, our dogs were not pulling and we could control their barking. The techniques are easy to understand and follow. The training was great and very rewarding. I will definitely recommend Bark Busters to my friends and family. Kathy was an amazing trainer. I believe because of her help, we will be very successful in training our dogs. Thank you.

Josh Edler
St. Louis

April 16 2008

The training was very interesting and enjoyable -- my own training was a little bit hard to accept at first, but I have a different dog! I am different too! :-) The training was very professional with fantastic results. Thank you for helping me to learn how to become a credible and respected leader and to enjoy my dog in new ways. (Lucy Lou, deaf terrier mix)

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Anna Korch

April 15 2008

Photo of Robert & Gina King's dog

We saw immediate results. Amazing! Simple system that works and makes sense.

Robert & Gina King

April 15 2008

Photo of John, Linda, & Adam Wehrle's dog

Becky was easy to understand and the dogs wanted to please her and us. The techniques appear to be best for dog and owner. A great technique that's easy to understand and nurturing for the pets.

John, Linda, & Adam Wehrle

April 15 2008

We doubted a couple of hours would prove beneficial, BOY were we wrong! Thank you, Bark Busters. We have already recommended Bark Busters to our friends. Wendy, you're great!

Veronica Nabors
Chino Hills

April 15 2008

Photo of Taryn Espino's dog

I was surprised how easy Becky made it for me to learn. Layla is a jumper and biter. By the end of our session, Layla had stopped both her jumping & biting -- which having 3 young children, I was very thankful for! The fact that there was no physical punishment was amazing! So often people get so frustrated and end up physically hurting dogs :(

Taryn Espino

April 15 2008

Our veterinarian recommended Wendy as she had worked with other aggressive dogs and had great success. Our dog had little focus and lunged at our guests. Once the techniques were demonstrated, everything made perfect sense. Mac was much more attentive and calm within only a couple of hours. I would absolutely recommend Bark Busters.

Becky Young

April 15 2008

The training was excellent and fun to observe behavior changes immediately. Our little guys and gals will be almost perfect :-) and have a happy Mom & Dad!

Pat Frady
Diamond Bar

April 15 2008

Wendy came to train our five dogs. Lots of great information and an enjoyable presentation. It works! The dogs are happy and respectful without any harsh treatment. We are looking forward to more training sessions and so are the dogs :-)

Chris Lee

April 15 2008

Thank God for Bark Busters! Robin was very nice to work with. It was fun! We will recommend Bark Busters to friends and neighbors again and again.

Stephanie and Rafael Ramirez

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