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October 8 2007

It was remarkable the difference in behavior. I would highly recommend Connie & Bark Busters to anyone who is encountering behavior issues or desires training for their favorite companion. My husband & I are in awe after less than one week there is marked positive behavior changes in our two dachshunds.

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Donna B.

October 8 2007

Noticeable results in all areas of concern. I like the theory behind Bark Busters and the reward with voice instead of food. I think you see faster results.

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Karen A.

October 8 2007

Trainer was enjoyable. Techniques are easy to follow. Good info on dog behaviors, etc.

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Brad N.

October 8 2007

Amazing - the barking stopped so quickly in just 1 easy command!

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Kristina J.

October 8 2007

I didn't want to bribe my dog with treats as most other training techniques encourage. I saw results immediately and it continued to get better each day.

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Tonya C.

October 8 2007

My dog is getting better, and I can tell we will see more results with time. I learned a lot about natural behaviors of dogs that I was overlooking. Connie was very personable and friendly. I learned a lot and actually had fun during our lesson. You can't beat a lifetime guarantee. Thank you so much for giving my dog a second chance at life!

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Laura M.
Mount Lake Terrace

October 7 2007

Photo of Sherry Aswell Vet Technician's dog

Everything that was taught to me was easy to follow and to understand. "Cosmo" caught on quickly to my was amazing! I found the training to be enjoyable and interesting. It was a lot of information and facts but Jim used his experiences and even how his own dog was. I never thought that you could train a dog using these techniques.

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Sherry Aswell Vet Technician

October 6 2007

Photo of Carrie Devenecia & Brian Norton's dog

Incredible! The time flew by! We saw instant results!

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Carrie Devenecia & Brian Norton

October 6 2007

Photo of Janet Stephens's dog

The Bark Busters training experience was very positive. Becky explained the training principals very clearly and helped put them into action.

Janet Stephens

October 5 2007

On the first day I noticed results.

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Bianca Alaimo

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