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April 12 2008

Both dogs responded readily to the training. My husband and I hate it when the door bell rings. Both dogs (Doberman Pinschers) would start barking and snarling at each other. We were thinking of buying muzzles for each dog. Never had to use them before on past dogs. John showed us immediately how to solve this problem. Seeing good results. Many thanks!

Beckey Montgomery

April 12 2008

John was easy to follow and kept asking if we understood or if he needed to go over methods again. Within 10 minutes, John had become the leader with Charlie (Miniature Schnauzer) heeling next to him. It all makes such perfect sense that I thought, duh! Why couldn't I have thought of this approach with Charlie? The training experience was very relaxed in our house. Charlie was not distracted during the first lesson. After 2 days we are seeing results. I never thought that Charlie could be trained. I think we needed to be taught how to train Charlie. I don't expect miracles, but my husband and I are willing to work with Charlie so that he'll become better behaved. I'm just sorry that I didn't pick up the Bark Busters pamphlet 7 years ago.

Pat Tezak

April 12 2008

I can't say enough good things about Tom! His knowledge about dogs is incredible and he has taught me so much. When I adopted Sadie Sue, she was a very submissive girl and since I knew nothing about being the pack leader, my ignorance was causing her to be very uncomfortable and very stressed in certain situation. Having been hit by a car prior to me adopting her, she was very fearful of any moving vehicle or bike and drain ditches caused her great anxiety. After Tom came out and taught me the rules, everything improved almost immediately. Sadie learned to trust in me as the one in charge and in less than a year -- we were hopping in the car and hitting every park in the surrounding area. Today, I can enjoy Sadie's company on our walks without even having her on a leash. Thank you, Tom, for always being available to answer any questions that I have.

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Kerry Bartone
Powder Springs

April 12 2008

Brian continued to ask me if I had any questions & if I understood. I have a dog that was abused in the past, and he was great with her, and she wasn't afraid at all. I observed noticeable results by the end of the training, and both dogs were very responsive. Brian is very friendly and made me feel very comfortable. I would recommend Bark Busters and Brian to my friends and neighbors.

Jennifer Fulton, Golden View Vet Hospital Staff
Golden, Colorado

April 11 2008

(Owner of two dogs)


April 11 2008

Thank you so much, Carol, for all your help in stopping the fighting between Annie and Lexi. When we initially called you for help, we were at the end of our ropes and in total despair. Due to their fighting, our home was filled with anxiety and tension and, for their safety, we were at the point of considering the possibility of having to find another home for one of our "babies." Since applying the Bark Busters behavior techniques you taught us, there have been no more fights between them AT ALL. You showed us how to assert ourselves as the boss and consequently restored peace and harmony in our home. Our dogs are getting along well once again. We are able to give treats to them simultaneously, they can play tug of war, fetch and other games with one another, and best of all we are able to have them both on our laps together at the same time! All this

Sandy & Phil

April 11 2008

(New lab puppy with family of 3 boys)

Normany Park

April 11 2008

The information was presented in a well-organized, easy-to-understand format. The results during the training were remarkable. I've been through many obedience classes, but having Carol come to my house really helped to put the training techniques into real life situations. The results were instantly noticeable. Both my dogs and I are happier with the behavior improvements and the barking has decreased dramatically.


April 11 2008

(1 dog - golden retriever)


April 11 2008

Photo of Sherry Hayes, Eberle Animal Hospital's dog

I was pretty skeptical at first, but the 1st night after the training, my dog started barking at an air molecule (in the aquarium) & I was able to stop the barking instantly. I was absolutely amazed. It's so nice to not have to listen to nonstop barking every time there is the slighted sound. I work at a vet clinic and feel totally confident recommending Bark Busters to clients.

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Sherry Hayes, Eberle Animal Hospital
Des Moines

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