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May 29 2007

Rachel was easy to understand - we were able to learn all the techniques easily. The training was comical as well, which made it nice for us. We didn't feel as guilty about messing him up in the first place.

Glens Falls

May 29 2007

Rachel was exceptionally patient and made sure we understood the procedures before she left. We have a tendency to like to chat about dogs and she was willing to listen. I am so pleased that my vet recommended you.


May 29 2007

We enjoy Bark Busters - Rachel was wonderful.


May 29 2007

I tried the techniques after the session and Tequila followed right along.


May 29 2007

Even my 13-year-old followed the lesson and carried through. Fergie snapped back to her well-behaved self when we showed leadership behaviors. Neighbors often comment on how well-behaved Fergie is, as their dogs carry on.


May 29 2007

Rachel was friendly and thorough and professional. It was if Keeley was a new dog. A better dog! At first I was surprised at the technique, but I saw instant results and was very pleased. I truly enjoyed seeing my dog transform before my very eyes. I would wholeheartedly recommend Bark Busters to anyone who has a dog especially a "bully breed" like Keeley. Keeley has come a long way in a few days. She has great potential. I am much more confident in her behavior now.


May 29 2007

It's a miracle! I never thought my dog would be able to be around other dogs, but after 3 days, he responds to the training techniques immediately.


May 29 2007

I have a 1-yr-old Rotty that would only listen when he felt like it. He is very strong and would play rough. I was afraid that he would hurt someone. I have talked to many trainers about him and did not like their methods (like kneeing him in the chest when jumping). I even had one trainer tell me that he should be put down. I called Bark Busters and talked to Maril. I liked her right away. She was not bothered at all that he was a Rotty. She was wonderful with my dog and was relaxed around him. Now I can run and walk in my backyard and he no longer plays too rough. How great is that! Maril also helped with Zeus's other bad habits. From this point on I will always be a Bark Busters client! I cannot tell you how happy Maril has made me just by showing me that we can do this and that Zeus can be a wonderful dog! Some day Zeus will be a therapy dogs thanks to Maril & Bark Busters!

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Melissa & Craig Crowley

May 29 2007

Glenda: This is to let you know how well behaved on leash Bogie is. He still does not like wearing the gentle leader, but once his focus is on something else, he forgets he's wearing it, but once he remembers, he's crazy to get it off.

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Holly D.

May 29 2007

Sadie was very responsive to the techniques. Lynne was patient and calm, helped me to understand how important body language is in training. She is very kind and easy to talk to and very encouraging. Sadie and I may have a peaceful happy life together after all!

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Jennifer K.

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