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January 11 2008

Cheryl made me feel very comfortable and explained things very well. I was impressed by how quickly Brutus (beagle puppy) caught on. I feel that I am learning a lot. I feel that this type of training is very beneficial.

Gayle G.
Bowling Green

January 11 2008

Cheryl was able to allow us to control our two new puppies (male and female black lab mix puppies) on the very first visit. We also have a third older dog whom was able to learn new tricks. Our dogs are very well behaved and listen attentively. They pay attention to "us," as we are the leaders of the pack. Bark Busters used non-treat based rewards and no punishment, just positive reinforcement. We initially thought that only the dogs were going to be trained, but we found the experience interesting and enjoyable. We would instantly recommend Bark Busters to our friends. Bark Buster training method was simple, rewarding, and effective. The training manual was also a useful tool.

John and Kim C.

January 11 2008

Very professional and step-by-step plan was excellent. Suzy responded to the trainer immediately and then to us. It's the only way to go. Very, very interesting and enjoyable. Rachel was excellent, professional, effective, easy to understand and pleasant.


January 11 2008

Dogs settled and were actually looking for guidance. Comforting to know that we can and should be in control, not the dogs. Like that no physical means are used/needed. Rachel made us very comfortable and stressed the importance of us being consistent and the leaders.

Lori & Kevin

January 11 2008

Photo of Emily L.'s dog

The session was a bit of a whirlwind, but the paperwork left behind really helped reinforce and clarify a few things. I couldn't believe the results -- we couldn't be happier! Very pleased ...much better than the other techniques we've been taught in the past. We can finally communicate with our dog. It was great, very enjoyable seeing the results so immediately. I was happy with everything about the experience. I would recommend Bark Busters in a heartbeat. Jason was great, thank you so much.

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Emily L.

January 11 2008

Doug really helped in understanding how to handle an aggressive dog. I was very pleased with how well the dog reacted after just 20 minutes.

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Jennifer Marshall

January 11 2008

Linda did a wonderful job explaining everything. When she first arrived, before she even met my dogs, we sat down and talked. She carefully evaluated the situation and put a lot of thought into explaining it to me without making me feel stupid or inadequate as a dog owner. It has been a long time since I owned dogs and the naysayers in my life had me second-guessing my ability to handle them. I stood alone in my belief that they are GOOD DOGS but that they didn't know it yet. Now I have proof! The results were not only immediate, they were astonishing. I was brought to tears because I had never seen my yellow lab so well behaved. I KNEW he had it in him and it came right out in the training. I can't even describe how thrilled I was. I am so thrilled with the training techniques! My yellow lab is 8 months old and weighs 80 lbs. My rottweiller mix is the same age at 79 lbs. They were getting fat on all the treats I was giving them just to keep some semblance of control. I don't buy treats anymore except for special occaisions. It's WONDERFUL! I learned so much in such a short time. I was just amazed and had a lot of fun bringing out the good in my dogs. In 3 hours, I went from dogs that jumped on me, bit at my face and stole my roommate's hat right off her head, to dogs that walked calmly beside me as we strolled down the street. Now I LOVE to walk the dogs. They repsect me and we have a lot more fun. The frustration and stress are gone. Life is GOOD! Bark Busters ROCKS!! We saw immediate results and it only got better as time went on and I worked more and more with my dogs. After one week, I can let them outside and no one runs off. No one looks at me and runs the other way when I call them. No one jumps on me and bites at my face. They sit patiently and wait calmly while I clip on their leashes. Imagine how well they will behave 6 months downt he road!! It only gets better! I am telling everyone about Bark Busters. WOO HOOOOOO!!! I appreciated that the training was more about teaching ME to bet a better owner and a pack leader. By the time Linda left, it was clear to me that I had a lot of work to do but that I could do it. Without that, I would have felt desperate to have Linda here 24/7 to train these dogs. It would have been frustrating beyond anything I could have imagined. I would have felt that my dogs respected Linda and not me. But by teaching me how to gain their respect, I was confident that I could utilize the tools correctly and make the impact I needed to achieve the positive behavior I always knew my dogs possessed. They looked to me to be their leader and now I am.

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Heidi Shields

January 11 2008

Photo of Angela Leo's dog

Different dog by the end of the night! I was worried about the next day but the moment I needed to correct her she listened. Something so easy as one word that makes such a difference in a dog. and you're not hurting the dog, yelling, shocking, etc. It's so easy to do and the dog listens right away!

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Angela Leo

January 11 2008

Photo of John Tetzlaff & Larry Miles's dog

The system really works! The 2 dogs have improved already! Linda Conrad was super and helped us & the dogs.

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John Tetzlaff & Larry Miles

January 10 2008

Scot was very clear and concise in his explanations.

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Evelyn Irizarry
Windsor Locks

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