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January 30 2008

Pauline was a real help in explaining the program and by demonstrating the techniques. I saw noticeable results right away. Very pleased with the natural training. The training experience was both interesting and enjoyable for both me and my Sadie. I would recommend Bark Busters because it is an excellent program. Pauline and this program give me much hope for my dog Sadie and myself.

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Edna Brower
New Iberia

January 30 2008

Bark Busters methods and trainer are great, but I realize without my follow-through, nothing will work.

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S. Veeder
Apollo Beach

January 30 2008

Fred's instruction were very easy to understand. By the end of the lesson Sandy would sit and stay.

Patty Mahon
Staten Island

January 30 2008

For those folks who are skeptical and hesitant to believe this training we does work and you should just go for it! You'll be amazed and you'll join all these people as believers, too. Our dogs (all four), Bailey, Pixie, Cubby, and little Kipp, finally get what we want them to do. There was amazement from our neighbors when all the barking immediately stopped. They wondered where our dogs went and if we still had them. Also, the lifetime guarantee speaks for itself. What other dog trainer will give you that? You won't be disappointed and you will learn so much. It is well worth the small effort to enjoy your dogs for a lifetime, and the dogs are so much happier too! Everyone should get this training when they first get their dog!

David & Kathy Comtois

January 30 2008

The trainer explained everything about the techniques and was patient with all our questions. Our number one issue of barking was DEFINITELY under control by the time Barry left. I was very pleased with the results. Understanding how my dog thinks makes working with him so much easier. The entire family enjoyed the training and is involved by helping each other with the proper techniques. I honestly did not expect all of the goals I set for our dog Bon-Bon to be met, but they have been. Once Barry showed us how to establish ourselves as the "pack leader," he minds us and is a better pet in every aspect. Bark Busters truly provides a priceless service.

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Julie Bozeman

January 29 2008

Alison was very clear and offered anecdotal examples. My dog Marcus became more submissive. I can see that this will be a successful method of training so long as we do our homework. The natural training techniques are simple, but powerful. I can't wait until Marcus accomplishes our goals - we're excited!

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Robyn W.

January 29 2008

Scot went very in depth on how the training techniques spoke in the dogs language, not ours.

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James Kuschka

January 29 2008

Scot was very thorough.

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Kelly Miceli

January 28 2008

It works right away. Easy for teens to follow as well. I have already recommended Bark Busters to two people.

Pam C.

January 28 2008

I couldn't believe the difference in my dog. It was fun and I learned things that I would never have thought of.

Judy G.

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