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December 19 2007

Photo of Barbara Wright's dog

I would not have believed the results if I had not observed them myself.

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Barbara Wright

December 18 2007

I work at the Veterinary Center in Staten Island, and Rob stops in periodically to talk to us. There usually are customers in our office when he stops in, and he is always glad to answer any questions they have. Today, after he left our office, the client asked me for his name because she wants to have him help her with her dog! He has helped a lot of our clients, and we are very happy to recommend him any time someone asks for a trainer. Thanks, Rob, for a job well done!

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Caroline Cataldo
Staten Island

December 17 2007

Easy to understand and didn't do any harsh punishments (very, very great); already listening to commands. Felt at home like training with friends. In just one training session, I felt like I had great tools to help me with my problems. I enjoyed every minute of the training. Very fun and interactive; liked being at home in comfortable environment.

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Brittany Reinstein
Oak Forest

December 17 2007

The training techniques were easy to follow and understand. Lynne is great with children! The training experience was enjoyable and so much better in my home. I would recommend Bark Busters to others. I have given the phone number to my vet!

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Susan A.
St. Paul

December 17 2007

My husband and I have worked with Robert Machi for a few years now. He has always helped us solve issues with our dog Eliot. Eliot has changed so much since we have worked with Robert. Sometimes issues come up and Robert always gets back to me in a short period of time. I am very happy with Bark Busters and would highly recommend the company.

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Jayme Sklar

December 17 2007

Photo of Heidi Wardin's dog

It was pretty amazing what our dogs were doing (& not doing) by the end of the evening. It's so easy to say "Bah" to get rid of negative behavior. Much easier than giving a treat for good behavior constantly. We were used to spoiling our dogs, but it's all working - everyone's happier. Life is more enjoyable with dogs who listen & respect. I think it's well worth the price considering dogs live to 15 years old.

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Heidi Wardin

December 16 2007

Hi Jeff and Cathy, After our Christmas party last night, I thought of both of you. Our boxers, Max and Conrad, were on such good behavior! With around 20 people in the house, they did not jump on anyone! Max is almost 4 years old, still acts like a puppy. Most of the people enjoyed the dogs, and both boys could sense that they were 'loved.' They actually listened to guests, I was so proud!!

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Dotty Richardson

December 15 2007

Photo of Pat Funderburk's dog

I couldn't believe the change! I was amazed! Bark Busters is excellent!

Pat Funderburk

December 15 2007

Photo of Kevin & Shannon Koehler's dog

Absolutely amazing! The barking has reduced to almost nothing in just one week, and they're having less accidents on the floor, too. We would recommend Bark Busters because it works! It's phenomenal! All we have to do is "Bah" and they stop what they're doing and come over to us. It's truly amazing! We're very happy with the training. Thank you so much!!

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Kevin & Shannon Koehler

December 14 2007

Jayda showed results after the first session, and she had had 3 previous trainings that never worked with other companies.

Carrie Oliver

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