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December 11 2007

I was amazed! The session gave me a lot of insight into my dogs' bad behavior. I would recommend Bark Busters because I already see my dogs making progress after the first visit. I was amazed at the diagnostics. That she was able to identify the pack order and personality traits of my three dogs.

Diane M.
South Elgin

December 11 2007

We noticed a big difference even after just a couple hours.

Carol L.
South Elgin

December 11 2007

Jan was very clear on how I must represent myself as the "leader" in order to have Zoe relax and be the fun pet we know she can be. Hail to the "BAH." Natural is the way to go. Understanding the dog is key.

Karen Q.

December 11 2007

Noticeable results "especially with door manners & leash walking. Much simpler than treat training. We feel we were able to gain all of the knowledge needed to train our dog and make her the kind of pet we've always wanted."

Chuck & Stephanie K.
South Elgin

December 11 2007

Techniques are easy to incorporate into our daily lives. The immediate results were remarkable. Exceeded our expectations!

Jason & Kristin E.
West Chicago

December 11 2007

It was amazing that we could get him to stop barking and let someone in the door. I like not having to give a treat to get good behavior.

Ron & Michele B.

December 11 2007

Incredibly fast results within first hour.

Tom & Kay D.

December 11 2007

We were amazed how Lexie responded. She became a pleasure to walk & it sure helps to know what to do. It works. The trainers are knowledgeable and patient. I could see the importance of follow up and reading the information packet from the first visit.

Cecelia & Rich C.

December 11 2007

Jim Lory was very impressive and we saw immediate results with our dog. I couldn't believe it!! I was pleased with the natural training techniques. At first, I thought Jim was crazy, but in no time, he made me a believer. I didn't want Jim to leave. My dogs have never listened and behaved this well.

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Loretta and Joe Marzono

December 11 2007

Brian was great! He helped me understand how a dog thinks. Brian went out of his way and helped me build a fence, so my dog could use the backyard. I am forever grateful!

Lakewood, Colorado

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