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January 14 2008

Photo of Erica and Chris Reetz's dog

We adopted our 1-year-old chocolate lab mix, Riu, three months ago from the Michigan Humane Society. This was my first dog ever and when we got him home he was almost too much for us to handle. He had so much energy and he would greet new people by jumping up on them and mouthing endlessly. We needed help and we knew that the best training would be right here at home where all the trouble seemed to be.

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Erica and Chris Reetz

January 14 2008

Photo of Brett & Tammy Springer's dog

Linda was very nice and professional. She made it very easy to follow. Our dog was definitely more behaved by the end of the session. we noticed an immediate change in our dog's behavior when we used Bark Buster's techniques. It was very enjoyable! I was skeptical at first with any new training but was pleasantly surprised with the results. Linda was very easy to talk to and listened to our concerns.

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Brett & Tammy Springer
Lake Mills

January 14 2008

Photo of Connie Cominsky's dog

When we first got Albert and lived in Chicago, we signed up with BB. Three years later, after a move to St. Louis, we found Bark Busters again! True to their word, it was a lifetime guarantee. Kathy came to see Albert for some "issues." She is a miracle worker - one visit - she reminded me of all those things I had forgotten and gave us new tips as well. She truly cared for my dog and me. Great trainer, great program.

Connie Cominsky
St. Louis

January 14 2008

The program and trainer are awesome! Easy and effective techniques that actually work!

Marilyn L.

January 14 2008

Sheri Greenberger dealt with: Barking at people, dogs, animals, birds or where the dog barks for attention or at the slightest noise Hyperactivity Jumping up at visitors or the dog jumps up at people on walks

It has only been two days since the first lesson, so after years of barking we still have some work to do! But we enjoyed learning and can see the dogs starting to respond better - we are looking forward to our second lesson!!

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Pam & Denis K.
Grand Haven, Michigan

January 13 2008

Very informative. Vicky helped our family feel more confident in training Buehrle.

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Don Booth

January 13 2008

I would have never thought it possible to see results in one session. We should have done this years ago. I have already recommended Bark Busters to my friends and neighbors. He (Patrick) was amazing!

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Kit Chamberlain
Fort Myers

January 12 2008

It is only the first day after training and I see improvements. Hopefully, it only gets better. Thank you so much!

Cara Kohlmeier

January 12 2008

Photo of Lori and Justin's dog

We have had our Corgi, Max, for 5 years, and recently got a new Corgi puppy named Chase. For the first few weeks, it seemed like they were going to do okay together. However, over time they started fighting, becoming very territorial, and eventually refused to be in the same room together. It was incredibly stressful for us and for the dogs. We did not know how to stop the fighting and just wanted the dogs to feel safe, secure, and happy. Thanks to Carol, we have already are meeting our goals. She is an absolutely amazing trainer. She is kind, patient, thoughtful, and really listens to your concerns. She is a fantastic communicator and teacher (for both humans and dogs!). We made so much progress during the first training session, and are so excited to have the knowledge and tools necessary to work effectively with our beloved dogs. Thank you, Carol!

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Lori and Justin
Fort Collins

January 12 2008

Joanne is an excellent instructor. I am very pleased with the training techniques. I observed amazing results after the first session.

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F. Beaver
Sun City Center

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