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January 11 2008

Photo of John Tetzlaff & Larry Miles's dog

The system really works! The 2 dogs have improved already! Linda Conrad was super and helped us & the dogs.

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John Tetzlaff & Larry Miles

January 10 2008

Scot was very clear and concise in his explanations.

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Evelyn Irizarry
Windsor Locks

January 10 2008

Photo of Russ Perkins's dog

I have two stubborn (and very spoiled) dachshunds, who barked at everything in sight. I was embarrassed when people came to the house, as the dogs seems to totally "melt down." Great for keeping burglars away, but it did not impress my friends and neighbors. I tried every method possible to stop the barking but nothing was working so I called Bark Busters and was assigned to Nancy Higgins. Once Nancy came to the house, she immediately assessed the situation and concurred that I had a had several behavioral issues with the diminutive duo. After the first visit, I could see a huge improvement. Even a couple of my neighbors were impressed, so THEY hired her for their dogs. I recommend Bark Busters (and Nancy) very highly and I am sure my neighbors are very grateful as well.

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Russ Perkins

January 10 2008

The person who thought of this is a genius!

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Kelly Buskirk
Fort Meade

January 10 2008

I have recommended Bark Busters to all of my friends and family who own dogs. Understanding 'dog language' has made the relationship between my dogs and myself easier to deal with.

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Cindy Lavallee

January 10 2008

My dog responded immediately! Sharon did an excellent job! Pepper responded to her as if she were part of our family.

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Maurann Hakun

January 10 2008

Thanks so much for your time today. My husband is so impressed with the progress in Carson already!! We did the ignoring thing when he came home tonight, and Carson settled down right away. I walked him when we got home from Wintergreen and he stayed right by my side as if I'd said "heel" almost the whole time. I am impressed!! He was wonderful in playing fetch tonight, whereas he usually "beats" me to the ball after retrieving it and dropping it, he tries to get it back. After one growl by me, he leaves it alone now for me to pick up after I say drop it. Up and down stairs, in and out of doors, etc. is all going well. We will be diligent to do homework. Wayne and I are going to sit down tomorrow night so I can go over what you told me, so we both are on the same page.

Carolyn T.

January 10 2008

The training was very thorough, practical and educational. I absolutely saw noticeable results after the end of the training. Alison was always available when I had questions or problems and helped put my mind at ease about the behavior my dog would exhibit.

Margaret M.

January 10 2008

Alison was awesome! She was a great observer, and really engaged the children in the training. So far so good; Ella seems to really be getting it!

Nancy H.

January 10 2008

The techniques are easy to follow and Rachel explained and demonstrated them well. Honey stopped jumping on me and started listening to my commands! I am pleased that treats are not used. I like the fact that I am gaining back respect from Honey and I can show her I'm the leader. The techniques really work. Rachel is very nice, smart, and understanding.


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