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November 10 2007

Photo of Josh & Nicole Kalscheur's dog

Linda always made sure to fully explain not only the techniques but the reasoning behind them as well. Then she'd watch us perform them & give her great positive feedback. It was truly amazing to see how effective this training was on such a young puppy. She immediately responded. It's fun to see how much our dog already knows now that we're speaking her language. We love the fact that no treats are used and it's a simple technique that can be used anywhere & anytime. We can't tell you how many friends, family & co-workers we have told about Bark Busters. It's so unique & simple & effective. We have to share it with other people! Without a doubt, we would highly recommend Bark Busters & Linda. Several times already people have commented on how well behaved our puppy already is & we let them in on the secret of Linda & Bark Busters. Linda is punctual, knowledgeable & has a knack with dogs. It's very stressful having a puppy & Linda always makes sure to point out what we're doing right before she offers very tactful advice on how we can improve.

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Josh & Nicole Kalscheur
Mt. Horeb

November 9 2007

During training my dog did things that I really didn't think he could do. I wondered if the techniques were natural or magical. I found the training experience to be very educational. Gail was at my home for maybe 2.5 hours and since her first visit we have seen such an improvement in Snoop. Friends and family can come over and enjoy his company instead of him being the problem.

Stacy Velles

November 9 2007

I can't believe the change in our dog after just one session. He no longer refuses to leave his crate when we call him, and he isn't growling at our children. We aren't afraid of our dog any more.

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Lisa R.

November 9 2007

Donna is wonderful -- very knowledgeable about dog behavior. I was always able to call her and get prompt solutions to my dog problems. I loved working with Bark Busters!

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Fran C.

November 9 2007

It was amazing. I think Riu was wanting this training for us for awhile. :-) We didn't know what a wonderfully behaved dog we had until Maril showed us!

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Erica & Chris Reetz

November 9 2007

Ken & Lynne did an excellent Job!! I would recommend them to anyone who needed help training their dog!

Julie S.

November 8 2007

Everything explained seemed very logical. Very interesting and very enjoyable!

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Edith M.
Blauvelt, NY

November 8 2007

Photo of Tina Piemonte's dog

Connie is very patient and easy to learn from. My kleptomaniac Chihuahua still steals from me but drops the item immediately when told to. Connie uses no threatening techniques and has taught me to be the pack leader. I still have some work but admit Connie has provided me the tools I need.

Tina Piemonte
Downers Grove

November 8 2007

Photo of Terry Cross's dog

Very effective and John is terrific to learn from and work with. A very positive experience!

Terry Cross
Rochester Hills

November 8 2007

Photo of Aaron & Christine Papasian's dog

Very happy with this! Gave us great perspective on how a dog's mind works and how great this training works! Amazing!

Aaron & Christine Papasian

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