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August 10 2006

I was so pleased with Larry's gentle manner of teaching. Shadow responded very well to just our tone of voice, body language, and commands. It was so nice to see we did not have to be aggressive to teach Shadow any command. I especially liked the way Larry repeated each step, so I felt comfortable with the learning process. I would recommend Bark Busters to anyone, because you proved beyond a shadow of doubt how quick a dog will obey.

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Karen L.
Walhala, SC

August 9 2006

The process was extremely simple and easy to understand, and the homework was 'doable.' We experienced immediate results with the front door and walking on the leash. I much prefer this method over shock collars, citronella collars, etc. It was interesting to learn about the 'pack' mentality and why Jakcson acts like he does. Linda was very pleasant to work with and seemed very sincere about helping us. --Al H,. Sun Prairie, WI

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Al H.
Sun Prairie, WI

August 9 2006

I was amazed how effective the techniques are. Newton is a more relaxed and calm dog. Newton no longer stands guard in the window. I like that there is no treat training. I already told everyone I now. I think the program is great.

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Julie S.
Stoughton, WI

August 9 2006

Linda was knowledgable and made things easy to understand Izzy's behavior has taken a dramatic turn for the better.

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Kelly & Sarah G.
Madison, WI

August 9 2006

Linda is very clear, non-judgemental and enthusiastic. It's great how she has owners doing the work directly with the dog from the start. The method makes sense and results begin immediatley. This is the only training that we feel good about. I can't stand yelling or physically punishing a dog and I certainly don't want to have to walk around with treats in my pocket all of the time. Besides, they know when you don't have them!

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Julie D.
Middleton, WI

August 9 2006

Linda was great and very patient- with me! I was shocked at how quickly Kelsey responded and how she continues with each day of training. I have already recommended Bark Busters to my friends and hope that they will connect and have the same success I have! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

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Laura L.
Madison, WI

August 9 2006

I would recommend Bark Busers to anyone with a dog. Consistency is very important. This makes me happy and my dogs even happier.

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Christine E.
St. Petersburg, FL

August 8 2006

Before we had Connie come to our home and help with our dog, we were ready to give him away...This was the one last chance would give to our furry family member...He is Beagle, and his problems were chewing, jumping, barking, howling, digging, counter surfing, eating my shoes...the siding...the floors.....well, you get the point. We thought he was just this way...Turns out he just needed some training! Connie came and turned our dog around for the best! He is a completely different dog now, and I must say the tips she gave us for training and techniques are very easy to use, and understand. I have a 5 year old and a busy schedule, and her approach to teaching our dog made training fast and easy to do ourselves...He walks on his leash without pulling, running off, barking and going after other dogs and bikes...He doesn't bother us while we eat, he doesnt chew the house apart, he doesnt jump on people, even stranges that come to our home and he now has a spot in our family again. Thank you, Connie! You saved our dog!

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Ricky & Chambrey B.
Renton, WA

August 5 2006

Indy did not do well with the leash, he's incredible with the new techniques. Thanks, Bob !

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Jenny J.
Spring, Texas

August 4 2006

There were immediate (and lasting) results. You are not hurting the dog with shock collars or strong physical motions. I have highly recommended your services to my dog-owning friends.

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Diane K.
Grosse Pointe Shores, MI

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