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October 26 2007

Scot was so pleasant.

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Laura Gulbrandsen

October 25 2007

Because of this training, I am able to keep my 2nd found stray. The dogs no longer fight and are learning to be polite walking on leash etc. I have referred to my vet, the Royal Oak shelter and individuals.

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Barbara Troy
Pleasant Ridge

October 24 2007

Photo of Chrissi Illgen's dog

The techniques make sense. I love the look of my satisfied and submisive pooch! My dogs still have a long way to go, but I did notice results, especially on walking. I look forward to a more rewarding relationship with my dogs.

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Chrissi Illgen

October 24 2007

Photo of Bill Eversoll's dog

I would recommend Bark Busters because of almost instant change in the dog's behavior. Evie is a much happier and relaxed dog!

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Bill Eversoll

October 24 2007

Brian is very knowledgeable and adjusted the training to fit my hyper dog's and also my very shy dog's needs.

Eva Pasiewicz
Lakewood, Colorado

October 23 2007

Katherine was just awesome! In just a few hours, she helped us turn Izzy's behavior around.

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Penny Williamson

October 22 2007

Photo of Tim Kelly & Courtney Bird's dog

The change was unbelievable! I was shocked how fast Jamie responded to the training. Simply amazing! If it can work this fast for my dog, it can work for any dog.

Tim Kelly & Courtney Bird

October 22 2007

Photo of Bethany Nobliski (Staff of Oakland Veterinary Refe's dog

My dogs were completely different! I love the idea that the only time I need to put my hands on my dogs is when I pet them. I couldn't stop smiling at how well my dogs were behaving. Owning dogs just got more fun!

Bethany Nobliski (Staff of Oakland Veterinary Refe
Rochester Hills

October 22 2007

Photo of Laura Johnson's dog

I now feel like my dog and I understand one another. I no longer feel anxiety about having my dog in public, because he has allowed ME to take the lead. Thank you so much for your time and patience! Howie and I are enjoying our new life!

Laura Johnson
Auburn Hills

October 22 2007

Photo of Vanessa Savage's dog

Becky was very helpful and encouraging. It's very easy to understand the techniques and they make a lot of sense! Thank you so much! They are already improving a ton!! It's so nice to see the change.

Vanessa Savage

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