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April 19 2006

I was bored with traditional obedience classes that do not solve problems, and was looking into electric shock therapy, but Bark Busters is GREAT! In two hours, it had already proved to make a remarkable difference, and now, a week and a half later, it still works! Thank you so much! I will definitely recommend Bark Busters!

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Julie G.
Kingwood, TX

April 13 2006

Ray & Nikki Reyes dealt with: Aggression to a dog or other animal or where the dog is aggressive to the owner or a stranger Jumping up at visitors or the dog jumps up at people on walks Toileting

Ray really helped with my dogs aggression, marking in my home and other deviant behavior

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Diane K.
Valley Village, California

April 9 2006

Spunky is better-behaved after the initial visit. We are looking forward to continued improvement. I need to master the training techniques explained very well to me.

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Virginia W.
Dunedin, FL

April 7 2006

I have raved about it already and recommended it. As a dietician, I tell my clients after doing healthy behaviors for 32 days and supporting them you will own them. John enforced the same pattern with my pets. He said to my dog, Jake, it's OK to have fears. We will not let you run from them but we will acknowledge them and take control for you and let you relax. Jake now relaxes.

Barbara B.
West Bloomfield, MI

April 7 2006

I feel my dog and I are having a better relationship now and understand the relationship between leader and dog.... My dog is listening better, doing commands well, and we have respect for each other. I have tried other training ways and have just had success with this one. I definitely recommend it.

Andrea A.
Clinton Township, MI

April 7 2006

I have 11 dogs that go to work with me, and they start barking every time a customer comes in. In the past, I have tried many different trainers and techniques but nothing worked no other trainer was able to stop my dogs from barking. Donna & Jim spent about 2 hours with me and my dogs and now they are being good when customers come in and out. I am now your biggest fan. My customers have noticed the difference in my dogs, and they love it. From now on I will be sending you all my customers.

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Grace Horton-Olmos, Carlisle's Salon & Suites, Hou
-Olmos, Carlisle's Salon & Suites, Houston

April 6 2006

The method was very clear and well explained and the immediate results were unbelievable ! Bob was great and explained this in a easy way to assimilate, also quite enjoyable.

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David & Patty K.
Cypress, Texas

April 6 2006

We noticed results with both dogs in the first 10 minutes of working with them, excellent. These natural techniques mean that we don't have to be dog psychologists to get the behaviors needed from our dogs. This method is sustainable and adapts to many situations without gimmicks.

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John H.
Spring, Texas

April 5 2006

Jan, thank you so much for coming up last night. It was so beneficial. For the first time since I have had Cubby, we ENJOYED a walk together this afternoon. Jared walked Phil and all went smoothly. I know we are by no means done, but what you taught us last night has already made a difference in our lives. Thank you!

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Sabrina R.
-Hemet, CA

April 5 2006

Gentle, but immediately effective !!

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Sandra K.
Houston, Texas

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