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June 8 2007

Hi. I have a 7-month-old Boxer/Lab mix puppy who was completely out of control. I had people actually leave my home because the dog would not stop jumping on them. He was so wild that he fell out a second story window. While the vet was checking him for broken bones (thankfully the dog was fine) he recommended I call Bark Busters. After only 1 session with Paul, I have a completely new dog. It was truly amazing the results we got. I took him to the park that afternoon to watch my son play baseball. Kids were running by and people kept coming over to pet him He was as calm as can be and just sat by my side. One woman even said, "This is what I want -- a well-behaved Lab!" It's been only 24 hours and peace has been restored to my home. Thank you so much, Paul & Bark Busters!!

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Lisa Cashman

June 8 2007

We were really surprised at how simple it was to have our dog listen to us and we found out some valuable ways of keeping our big Golden Retriever, Fuzzy Dog, from jumping and knocking people down. The 2-hour training session helped my husband and me greatly and Fuzzy Dog was responding well to both of us by the end of the session. I certainly would recommend Jim Lory and Bark Busters. We had taken our dog to Pet Smart but had very few lasting results and this program really works. Thanks!!

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Janet and Jack Myers
Winter Garden

June 7 2007

The therapist is very patient and calm. I observed noticeable results BEFORE the training was even over! I am very happy that food is not used as a training aid. It was a very positive session! So much better than the crazy sessions with 12 dogs at a time at another facility!


June 7 2007

It was a very positive learning experience and our lives have become more peaceful and relaxed due to this training. Thank you!

Anna Migneco
Hillside Veterinary

June 6 2007

Constant jumper--actually stopped jumping.

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Marla, vet tech
Corona del Mar

June 6 2007

Bark Busters saved our home from destruction, repaired our relationships and raised our quality of life! The dedication and patience of Lisa and Nelson has made teaching Kody and Mandy easy and fun!

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Shannon and Bryan
Aliso Viejo

June 5 2007

The training techniques were very easy to understand and execute.

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Angela K.

June 5 2007

Linda was very thorough. She provided us with the perfect explanations regarding Sam's behavior and why each of the training techniques work! Unbelievable! We were so pleased to see immediate changes in Sam's behavior! We appreciate the fact that this training is not punishing or treat based. We had no idea how we had contributed to our poor dog's strange behavior. We are so grateful we finally made the call. Our lack of leadership was driving our poor Sam crazy!

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Debbie & Scott Nachazel

June 5 2007

We saw fast results in a short period of time. Donna was very clear at communicating ideas and techniques.

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David M.

June 4 2007

Very informative-easy to work with and understand.

Teri B.

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