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August 11 2007

Very easy training to follow & to explain to our family members. Bailey walked much better on a leash & barking less by the end of the training. No more yelling, which was so stressful on all of us. We can't believe how easy it is. Linda is very kind and really cares about you and your dog. The program really works, wish I heard about this sooner. Linda Conrad explains things really well, calm, but very firm. Bailey responded well!

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Shirley & Jerry Haack
Cross Plains

August 11 2007

We were amazed at the quick response. Gus responds very well to the training techniques. I believe shelters would not be filled with dogs if people learned Bark Busters behavior training.

Jim & Kim C.

August 10 2007

Great experience - I learned a lot in my 15+ years in the veterinary field. It was an eye opener.

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Debbie Reyes
San Antonio

August 9 2007

As a veterinarian I have always been uncomfortable with "dominance" training methods. This technique is great and I am comfortable with it. The change in a few hours was amazing.

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Patricia M. Bigwood, DVM
Grosse Pointe

August 8 2007

We have been searching for a way to reach our dog and Bark Busters has now provided us with the tools we have always needed. Thank you.

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Debra S.
Blauvelt, NY

August 8 2007

Photo of Jill M.'s dog

Jason is very fun and easy to listen to as well as to talk to. My family and I were amazed with the immediate results. It seems so easy and simple once you understand and think like a dog. It was very enjoyable and interesting. I learned many facts that amazed me. I would most definitely [recommend Bark Busters] -- it was an excellent experience. Bark Busters is one of the most unique, natural, fun and easy trainings I have ever experienced. Jason rocks!

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Jill M.

August 7 2007

Photo of Lynn Thompson's dog

I can tell Jim loves his work. He explained the techniques very clearly to me and not only is my dog Roxanne trainable, SO AM I! I was pleased with the natural training techniques and Roxanne responded to my commands. It's absolutely workable and I can do this!!! I am growling and Roxanne is sitting, staying and obeying!

Lynn Thompson

August 7 2007

I observed noticeable results by the end of the training and Maddox has responded to both myself and my husband after the initial training session. I was very much pleased with the natural training techniques used by Jim and Bark Busters. The training experience was interesting and very interactive and self helpful. I am a veterinarian and I will recommend highly to my clients.

Kristin Stroud, DVM, Winter Garden Animal Hospital
Winter Garden

August 6 2007

At the end of the session, I was able to walk my dogs past barking dogs without them being too excited like before!

Sherri Janssen
Cherry Hills Village

August 6 2007

Photo of Sharon Moore's dog

I am physically challenged and not as fast as I need to be. Seeing the results is proof it can be done! I would recommend Bark Busters to my friends and neighbors.

Sharon Moore

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