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February 7 2005

This training far exceeded our expectations. The results were remarkably immediate. Bark Busters trained 'us' and provided an extremely easy training program to follow.

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Janice & Jerry C.
Ridgewood, NJ

February 7 2005

Greg has been wonderful. He explains clearly, and has a true love for dogs which makes us comfortable and at ease while working on our techniques.

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Laura & Tony G.
Ramsey, NJ

February 7 2005

Greg was patient and knowledgeable. He made such a difference in my behavior and my dog's in 2 hours. I am thrilled! Thank you.

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Jaimee C.
Wayne, NJ

February 7 2005

The trainers are very knowledgeable and supportive, the techniques are easy to follow and the convenience of working in your own home is a huge advantage.

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Amy W.
Glen Rock, NJ

February 7 2005

Bark Busters has a wonderful understanding of how dogs think. I saw a huge difference in the first day with ours, so did our neighbors. If only we had started with Bark Busters sooner.

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Tracy G.
Tampa, FL

February 7 2005

Things are going very well and I am very satisfied! I am extremely impressed. Sebastian is responding so well his behavior is much improved and the methods are working wonderfully.

Dr. Adele H.
Canton, GA

February 7 2005

It is amazing how quickly the training turned my wild dog into a submissive angel. Within one hour my dog now listens to me and wants to please me. It's the easiest training I have encountered, and I have spent over $1,500 in other training that didn't work.

Rene P.
Acworth, GA

February 7 2005

As a vet tech for 14 years, I feel very confident in recommending your services to our clients who need assistance in training.

Tina K.
Canton, GA

February 7 2005

Ruby's attitude did a 180 degrees! She now shows me respect and minds us better. All this after just one training. I cannot wait to finish with the program.

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Tiffini A.

February 3 2005

Barry was very knowledgeable and sincere. His love for animals is obvious and made us feel at ease during the training sessions. Our dogs responded very positively to Barry. We are successfully incorporating the Bark Busters program into our everyday lives.

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Cindy E.
Peachtree City, GA

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