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July 23 2006

I took the 20 question quiz and realized my youngest dog was more out of control than I wanted to believe. After my first session with John, I couldn't believe how much Rudy had improved! We had been through obedience class twice but neither class had addressed the "in home" problems. Bark Busters methods are effective and most of all easy to follow!

Vikki B.
Newport, DE

July 23 2006

Bark Busters is the first type of dog training that ever had a lasting positive effect on my dog!

Kim J.
Wilmington, DE

July 23 2006

I believe Bark Busters is great! My dog responded immediately. Thank you so much!

Christina V.
Newark , DE

July 22 2006

Loved the one on one training. Great instructor!

Laura D.
Rossford, OH

July 22 2006

Cheryl was very personable and thorough. Kooter (coonhound) responded to her almost immediately. She gave us hope!

Janis and Stephanie W.
Oregon, OH

July 22 2006

Cheryl was very fascinating to listen to and very easy to understand. The results were unbelievable! I can't wait for my husband to come home and ring the doorbell! I am very pleased with the natural techniques-I never thought of myself as "the leader of the pack" but I am up to the challenge. What a fun learning experience. It all makes so much sense. I would recommend Bark busters- I can see where Abby and Waylon (labs) will be great examples when I start bragging about this.

Cindy F.
Grand Rapids, OH

July 22 2006

Our therapist explained the techniques then showed me with my dogs. The dogs were paying attention and listening to me!

Doug V.
Bloomdale, OH

July 22 2006

Cheryl was awesome. I felt she explained everything very well.

Nicole S.
Oregon, OH

July 22 2006

Very easy to comprehend. I noticed a bit more control and listening. Keely responded quickly and I think long term we will be much happier. I learned a lot. This form of training is the best we have tried. Thenks for the help!!!

Lyndsay P.
Bowling Green, OH

July 21 2006

Hello Jeff and Cathy, Now seriously, did you take our dog and leave us with another one???? I can't believe we are living with the same dog that has made us crazy for two years. I had high expectations for your first visit, and you have completely exceeded them. Using the techniques you showed us, here are some examples of the changes we have seen in Coco in less than 36 hours: When we sit on the couch, he sits calmly on the floor or next to us without whining or jumping. Ethan and I played with puzzles on the floor while Coco laid quietly behind me. Coco stays patiently in the family room while we prepare meals in the kitchen. He waits for us to call him in or out of the door. He pees in our own yard instead of running across the street. We brought home a crate today, and he is already sleeping in it!!! He is not following us through the house nearly as much as he did before. He played with the buddy cube for at least a half hour, and managed to get treats out. He seems calmer and happier.

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Ann Marie & Jeffrey H.
Tampa, FL

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