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October 29 2006

I was surprised at how quickly Cody listened. He is a very stubborn dog. I actually looked forward to playing ball with him at the end of the "first" lesson.

Barb B.
Grand Rapids

October 26 2006

I did not feel that I was harming or being mean to my dog--a problem with other methods. The price was reasonable, the methods seem natural and not at all cruel. This is the first training Eeva has ever responded to.

Kristen Garlans
Middletown, CT

October 25 2006

Jane was perfectly clear and used a technique that worked perfectly for Molly's passive and timid personality. I like that there is no bribery and nothing physical. I would recommend Bark Busters because there was a noticable difference in my dog after just one session. I am happy I gave Bark Busters a chance. I honestly thought nothing would work and that working with Molly was impossible!

Lisa Ganatchian
East Hartford, CT

October 24 2006

On outstanding professional presentation.

Bill McMahon

October 24 2006

Jane is very professional, yet friendly and personable. She assured me that the problem(s) were fixable. I enjoyed the experience very much. Worth every cent-I now have and love a very manageable dog-she and I are both less stressed. She knows her place!!!!

Cathy Keane

October 23 2006

The method is very easy to understand and follow. The immediate results were HUGE !! I am so pleased !! Didn't believe dog training could be so enjoyable, but it is.

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Josh M.
The Woodlands, Texas

October 18 2006

It is nice to have a quiet house with no barking and growling. Getting them on an eating schedule is good for them also. They are doing well with all the training. What a difference! I am really happy with the results.

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Linda Darling
Palm Harbor, FL

October 17 2006

Both dog and owner will be much happier. Cathy and Jeff were professional and demonstrated a true dedication to their job. We look forward to working with them again.

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Donna P.
Tampa, FL

October 17 2006

Instant results! It was interesting to learn how dogs think and view dominance. Love the techniques...very effective. Jeff and Cathy were very nice and complemented each other very well.

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John C.
Tampa, FL

October 17 2006

Great program!

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Patricia D.
Tampa, FL

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