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June 14 2007

John and Max (my dog) get a gold star today! John has been to my home twice over the last few weeks to help with fear aggression and general discipline with my dog Max (110 lbs). I had a service professional visit the house today and when Max went to charge the invisible fence to bark at the perimeter, I had only to call him back one time and he followed me happily around to the back of the house, waited for his "good boy" and was completely non-aggressive with the service person in the house after that. Way to go and thank you!!!

Janet Purnell
Port Deposit

June 14 2007

Pat did a great job! The training was not only informative but fun. It was amazing to see the changes in our two dogs Gauley and Timber. Pat's training techniques are extremely effective.

Tim and Jodie Binning

June 14 2007

I am a vet tech for Dr. Brenneman in Cincinnati, and I can honestly say Pat's techniques are amazing. His explanation of the training was very easy and detailed. His methods resulted in instant behavior modification for common problems in all four of my dogs. I recommend Patrick to all of my clients, friends and neighbors.

Kathy Wood

June 14 2007

Very impressed...great results. I recommend Linda to all my hair clients. I have her brochures and business cards in my salon. A lot of my clients have dogs and are always looking for a way to make behavior improvements. Linda is very patient and really "cares" about the experience and makes sure that you understand the techniques.

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Randy & Deanna Kubehl
New Glarus

June 14 2007

My husband and I have a 3½ year old shar-pei (Sami) and decided to get a puppy to keep Sami company. We purchased a shar-pei pup (Su), but after one week we had to return her. Sami was less then cordial to her, growling and not accepting the puppy. We did some research and obtained Greg's name from a local vet. We went back and got Su, and Greg came to the house three times to work with us and our dogs. The difference in these dogs now is like night and day. Greg has a very special gift with animals and makes you feel that your dogs are the most important dogs in the world. He answered every question we asked with answers that make perfect sense. He took time to get to know us and our dogs. He uses methods that are very gentle but firm and dogs respond to him. We have now been able to keep Su and keep Sami happy at the same time. Something Greg said will be remembered by us forever: "Never ask your dog to do something you are not prepared to have them do." Thank you doesn't seem to be enough for someone who can do so much. But thank you, Greg!

Gene and Geri Tucker

June 14 2007

James & Lorie Landers dealt with: Barking at people, dogs, animals, birds or where the dog barks for attention or at the slightest noise Jumping up at visitors or the dog jumps up at people on walks Recall or not coming when called Separation Anxiety

The training was very easy to understand. The results were immediate.

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Charlyne G.
Bernalillo, New Mexico

June 13 2007

Our dogs were out of control and after 2½ hours of work, they were attentive and listening to us. Barbara was patient, kind and knowledgeable. We enjoyed working with her and learning from her. She explained everything thoroughly and used good examples to further explain. It all makes such good sense!

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Jennifer C.
Wappingers Falls

June 13 2007

I am impressed with the therapists keen understanding of our dog's temperament and personality.

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M. Cole
San Antonio

June 12 2007

Great training methods, easy to understand and implement.

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Dawn Weiser
San Antonio

June 12 2007

So simple - so successful! We are, and our friends and neighbors are, totally amazed! I might add that they are totally relieved also!

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Tom K.
Weeki Wachee

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