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April 30 2007

Jim Lory is very good at what he does and it shows! I saw immediate results with my Bull Mastiff 'Rogue.' I will definitely recommend Jim and Bark Busters to everyone.

Sheri and Mario M.

April 30 2007

The training was very informative and Jim did 'one heck of a job' explaining everything to us. Patty showed huge results by the time Jim left and we were quite impressed with her improvement in behavior. We found the training to be very interesting and it was neat getting to know how a dog thinks. We will recommend Jim and Bark Busters as the information we obtained was great and it is uplifting to see that there is hope for any dog! Thanks, Jim!

Andy and Janine F.

April 29 2007

Affordable and convenient and great training experience. Rebecca is great! Explained everything so well & was patient with me and Banky.

C. Gale

April 27 2007

Vito was very patient and easy to work with. Our dog was only 9 weeks old when training began. Vito spent more time than I believe is usual and even made an extra visit. We are very pleased with Abby's behavior.

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Hal and Linda F.
Tarpon Springs

April 20 2007

It's like I have two new, well-behaved dogs. The training was easy and quick for the dogs to learn.

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Linda H.

April 19 2007

Ken absolutely helped us save our two dogs. We had one very spoiled and babied little dog, Babe, and one very frightened and untrusting big dog, Molly, that we rescued from a shelter. Molly was having somewhat of a difficult time adjusting to a "real" home life, and Babe was having a hard time accepting our new family member. Ken taught us how to become their strong pack leaders to make them more confident in themselves. While we are still new in the process of training, we have already noticed a big difference in the two of them. Without Ken, we may not have been able to save Molly's life and might have had to take her back to the shelter. I can never stress enough how grateful we are, and that everybody should use Ken's techniques to have a happy and balanced dog. We are spreading the word as much as we get a chance. Thank you, Ken and Bark Busters. You're life saving.

Scott & Candie S.
Creve Coeur, IL

April 19 2007

Jim was very thorough in explaining the training techniques and we were very pleased with the results of our dogs at the end of the 1st session. We will recommend Jim and Bark Busters to our neighbors and friends.

Maribeth and Eric N.

April 19 2007

The training was very interesting and enjoyable and Jim explained the training techniques in a way that was easy to understand. I saw noticeable results after the 2½ hour session and would recommend Bark Busters and Jim to others.

Shaun M.

April 19 2007

Jim was very knowledgeable and it was easy to learn the techniques and I was very impressed with how both my dogs immediately responded to the training. I found the training to be interesting and enjoyable and was surprised at how receptive my dogs were to the techniques used by Bark Busters. I've had several other dog trainers work with my dogs but had trouble getting positive results. I would and am recommending Jim and Bark Busters to people I know!

Kimberly H.

April 18 2007

Not only do I now understand how to be the leader, but in less than two hours, my dog also understands.

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Susan Rindall
San Antonio

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