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April 19 2007

Jim was very knowledgeable and it was easy to learn the techniques and I was very impressed with how both my dogs immediately responded to the training. I found the training to be interesting and enjoyable and was surprised at how receptive my dogs were to the techniques used by Bark Busters. I've had several other dog trainers work with my dogs but had trouble getting positive results. I would and am recommending Jim and Bark Busters to people I know!

Kimberly H.

April 18 2007

Not only do I now understand how to be the leader, but in less than two hours, my dog also understands.

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Susan Rindall
San Antonio

April 17 2007

Ruby's (5-yr-old Irish setter) change was like night and day. She continued even after Nikki left. What a joy! We were pleased with the natural training techniques. It all made perfect sense. It brought all the philosophies I had into one neat package. The experience was interesting especially when the results were so complete. We would absolutely recommend Bark Busters. We have an even happier dog than before. She's such a joy. We still can't believe 24 hours later she's retained everything. It's easy to enforce, too.

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Dinah Baehring
Muskego, WI

April 17 2007

Our therapist was on time, professional, knowledgeable and an excellent listener! We would recommend Bark Busters.

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Rev. James Hill
Jackson, WI

April 16 2007

I would recommend this program as I feel it has helped us to gain Coco's respect and follow the rules of the house. She listens well to the BAH and knows we mean business. Michelle is fantastic. Her knowledge and patience is the reason Coco has made such progress. We can't thank her enough!

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Lisa H.
New City, NY

April 15 2007

Linda was very clear and plain in her explanations. Our dog's behavior is much better already! It is very simple and easy to use. Linda made the training fun and offered us praise as well as our dog. Linda is a gentle, competent trainer who showed us that training can be easy and enjoyable. Linda is very confident with her training and enjoys what she does, which is reflected in her work.

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Heidi & Jeff Hammerstad
Madison, WI

April 15 2007

It's working and I'm optimistic for the first time! I was ready to give Henry to the Boston terrier rescue.

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Ginger Gant
Madison, WI

April 15 2007

Easy to understand and to implement what we were told. Wow! What a different dog! The techniques are easy and effective. Watching how quickly Oscar changed from out of control to a pleasant pet in such a short time was rewarding. Oscar is his own testimonial for anyone who knew him before and sees him now!

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Michael & Carrie Roesch
Cross Plains, WI

April 15 2007

Nice presentation. The charts were helpful. Linda thoroughly explained everything. Changes with both dogs immediatley, working on different problem areas. Much more confortable to work in our own home where the problems occur. The technique is effective and easy to use. Works well with more than one dog.

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Tracy Vanden Heuvel
Highland, WI

April 13 2007

Linda was extremely easy to work with. We saw results in the first 5 minutes of training! I almost cried when my dog Stew wouldn't budge an inch from my side while in a "Stay." Not even with when a bunch of treats were thrown in front of him! I have already told several people about Bark Busters and Linda. The entire process was very enjoyable...I would recommend Bark Busters to anyone!

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Ryann & Curtis Crylen
Madison, WI

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