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August 29 2006

I loved the rationale behind communicating with my dogs in their own language. It was very humane! I also loved that it wasn't treat based. I already told my Dad about it and he seemed very interested.

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Patty Peters
Madison, WI

August 28 2006

I am extremely pleased with the results and have recommended Bark Busters to everyone.

Jennifer J.
Monclova, OH

August 28 2006

No one can believe Max is the same dog. They say I traded him for his brother. Thanks !

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Donna K.
St. Petersburg, FL

August 25 2006

Thank you very much for your training. My trainer, Michelle McCarthy, did a very good job in explaining the program, teaching and supervising. My two Manchester Terriers responded immediately to the training.

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Tina W, Dogs, Cats and House Pet Sitting, (
West Point, NY

August 24 2006

I felt I learned a lot about my dogs and the way they think. I also learned my pups tend to believe that they are the dominant ones - I thought I had them better trained than they actually were.

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Kathryn M.
West Nyack, NY

August 23 2006

Very easy to follow. Iwas very surprised how fast the dogs responded. I love that it is a natural approach. Dogs don't have to rspond to treats or punishment which I have never believed in. Therapist [Kendra] was very friendly and easy to work with. This made it a very enjoyable experience. I believe it works well. I would definitely recommend it and will be to two friends who are having some issues with their dogs. I love the guarantee. That is what was the deciding factor for me. I like being able to call with any future questions.

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Nicole K.
Brighton, MI

August 23 2006

It was amazing to see Moxie respond so quickly to "bah"-She's been a better, happier dog since just those 2 hours. To us the expense is worth a well trained dog and happy family!

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Sarah N.
Germantown, MD

August 23 2006

Unbelievable results! Fantastic! I saw results at the end of the 1st day. The few minutes a day of practice is well worth it. Glenda is easy going, we laughed a lot. It was great!We had giant issues with my dog Woody prior to Glenda, and no other training helped. We are thrilled. I have had Woody to group training, individual training, and nothing worked. I am very very happy with Bark Busters. Although cost was a possible deterent, the results make every penny worthwhile!

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Nancy B.
Gaithersburg, MD

August 19 2006

Very personable trainer. High marks across the board!

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Valentino H.
Lansing, MI

August 18 2006

Kendra was great. She was easy & fun to work with. She let me know when I wasn't doing something quite right and also praised me when I did well. I felt very comfortable. The difference in my dogs was amazing by the end of the session. It all made so much sense that it makes you wonder how we as humans have done things wrong for so long! Very eye opening! I feel like it immediately reduced stress for me. It gave tme the control I never thought I'd have.

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Tina H.
Brighton, MI

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