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January 31 2007

I don't know what I was thinking when I added a puppy in our home when we didn't have good control over the dog we already had. I guess I thought the two of them would keep each other busy. They kept each other busy by both getting in to trouble. My girlfriend used Bark Busters and always raves about them. I called and we've covered puppy training AND our other dog's "non-preferred" behavior. It was much better than the puppy school I did with our other dog. And to do it all at home is awesome. Our puppy is learning so quickly now that we know how to speak and act like dogs. - Our trainer Kendra was awesome and she knows her stuff. We are highly recommending Kendra to all of our friends and family.

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A. Holmes
Brighton, MI

January 31 2007

Really works. Nikko responded to bah.

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Teresa B. Blauvelt, NY

January 30 2007

Our dogs were very willing to participate. We are delighted not to have to deal with treats. . . . training is simple/basic "corrections". . . making it easier to accomplish our goal. Our Collie, Emma, is so much more well behaved and her barking seems to be under control. We are very happy we decided to try Bark Busters. . . . wish we had done it sooner!

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Nancy & Steve Frank
-Madison, WI

January 29 2007

After two weeks we are pleased and still amazed !!!!!

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Kathy M.
Cypress, Texas

January 27 2007

I was amazed at how quickly the dogs responded. I had tried everything to get them to stop jumping on doors and people and within 1/2 hour they were changing that behavior. I was very pleased with the non-physical training techniques. The result was good behavior without breaking their spirit and good nature. I realized I have been giving a lot of mixed signals to the dogs and need to work on that. I have already made recommendations to two friends with dogs. I felt Ken & Lynne were very knowledgeable and professional and are obviously passionate about dogs.

Cheryl M.
East Grand Rapids

January 26 2007

For me, this meant whether I had to give up one of my dogs, so the training was necessary, but to have the skills to teach your dog to listen, thus having a well-behaved dog is a much better investment than all the training aids and walking aids I have found and used. Making this type of investment in puppyhood could have saved me thousands in vet bills, and hundreds on other types of training aids.

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Charlotte P.
Appleton, WI

January 26 2007

Ruth Marquardt is an exceptionally caring and inciteful trainer. Her intervention helped us to end 4 years of dealing with a fearful and low-esteemed dog.

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Bob and Kay E.
Waupaca, WI

January 26 2007

I have been a vet tech for 15 years, had dogs my whole life, and have done a lot of structured obedience classes and shows. Even with lots of exposure to dogs, I learned more in 3 hours than I almost have in 35 years. It was great!

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Terri C.
Appleton, WI

January 26 2007

It worked!

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Kim Carnes
Gaithersburg, MD

January 26 2007

The results were instant! Thanks, Marsha!

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Monte Cross
Glen Burnie, MD

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