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January 25 2007

We (observed noticeable results) as soon as she came in the front door. We both were very impressed. Molly was staying at the top of stairs Halloween night. So very happy as I didn't worry about her running out the door.

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Carol P.
Appleton, WI

January 25 2007

Milo has become a different dog since his training! He listens!

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Amber Blanchard
Madison, WI

January 25 2007

The flip chart was excellent and well organized. That night, Cirrus got out and came back immediately when called. Seems second nature to Cirrus; it will take more training for Stephanie & I. It is good to practice several scenarios. It seemed to solve our problems instantaneously. Linda was warm and approachable, never pushy or assuming. She was supportive- an instant family friend!

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Jay & Stephanie Orkowski
Verona, WI

January 25 2007

Our 10-week-old puppy has stopped chewing items, biting our hands and was potty trained all in 2 weeks! It works! You just need to do the training/homework every day!

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Christa Byrnes
Merrimac, WI

January 23 2007

Rebecca was very patient with thorough explanations for each topic being taught. Sadie was already responding well by the end of the session. I found the natural training techniques effective and simple and can be applied in a variety of circumstances.

P. Wortley

January 22 2007

By the next day, Bella was responding at an excellent level. Love the training techniques. I would recommend Bark Busters to my friends & neighbors.

Austin, TX

January 22 2007

By the end of the training, Chloe was calmer. Found the training experience to be interesting and enjoyable.

Austin, TX

January 22 2007

I felt the training was excelled and would recommend Paula due to her punctuality, appearance, patience and overall demeanor.

Austin, TX

January 22 2007

The examples helped us to get the idea before we had to use the training techniques with our dog. We were leery at first, but the practice with Dennis' instructions and guidance helped us get the hang of it. Well worth the effort. So glad we called them in.

Rena & Peter
Lakeway, TX

January 22 2007

The training techniques were communicated in a way that was very understandable. I was surprised and well pleased with the natural training techniques. I learned some very logical and workable techniques. A very good learning experience. It went by fast for my and my dogs were exhausted but a happier group. The system is effective.

Cedar Park, TX

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