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September 14 2006

Fast results. Very pleased with Bark Busters.

Bree C.
Middletown, CT

September 14 2006

Bark Busters changed the way I deal with my dog. They make the training easy. Excellent results.

Marcie Clark
Portland, CT

September 14 2006

We are very pleased with Jane. Derek, our shepard, is making progress. We know it is going to take time, but we know he will come around.

Tina Hynes
East Hartford, CT

September 14 2006

I was nervous at first because it seemed like so much to learn, but Barry broke down each step for us and made it easier for us to understand. With two dogs, one participated more willingly in the training session than the other. We were impressed how quickly they learned, especially Lexie. Within ten minutes, Barry had her barking under control. We found the Bark Buster techniques easy and effective. By the end of the first session, our dogs understood our tones and commands. Even though we were training our dogs, it was fun and relaxed. We never felt frustrated or stressed at our dogs! This method produced our desired results! I think that if people realized the simplicity of controlling dogs, less dogs would be shuffled from home to home or euthanized. We are thankful we found Bark Busters when we did. In just 10 minutes our dogs were under control! We were able to have a conversation with our guest, which is something we've never been able to do!

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Micki MacCallum
Senoia, GA

September 13 2006

I would recommend Bark Busters because it has helped so much already in so little time. Cheryl was very helpful and helped to explain everything. She answered all of our questions.

Michelle S.
Toledo, OH

September 13 2006

Very easy to understand. Honey (Cocker Spaniel puppy) started to respond by the end of the training.

Desarae M.
Toledo, OH

September 11 2006

I have already recommended Bark Busters to my vet! Huge help!

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Michelle F.
Readington Beach, FL

September 9 2006

The Training was UNBELIEVABLE! Jake is a rescue dog and there is no telling what he has been through. He responded immediately! I never knew what a dog is thinking - it really helps in the training.The natural training techniques used by Bark Busters were GREAT! Barry and Jessica are very good! They are a wonderful credit to the Bark Busters team. Would I recommend Bark Busters? ALREADY HAVE! Called my mother, who is involved with Great Resue. She is always training new dogs! Also told my neighbor, my vet, the people at PetSmart, my friend in Florida, and my in-laws!

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Ruth Chapman
McDonough, GA

September 7 2006

Results right away - great for all problems!

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Renee and Frank M.
Orange, CT

September 7 2006

The training techniques were very clear with models as needed. We love the philosophy and the fact of in-house training. We are very excited about Bark Busters training. Thank you!

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Jill and Aaron L.
Woodbury, CT

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