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July 23 2006

I was initially skeptical, but after only a few minutes, I was truly amazed. It was absolutely worth the investment.

Doug T.
Wilmington, DE

July 23 2006

Thank you so much for the care and help. She was getting so much better with the kids. Lizzie was no longer scared of her running her over. Instead they ran and played together. Truffles was changing into the gentle and caring dog we wanted her to be with the kids. Thank you for making the last couple months with her so great. You provide an excellent service and we will recommend you to anyone we can.

Steve S.
Delaware City, DE

July 23 2006

We are very pleased with the response of Chance to the training as well as the results. We found John to be very friendly, well versed in the training procedures, interested in our needs and an effective trainer. Our dog responded within 15 minutes of the session!

Karen M.
Wilmington, DE

July 23 2006

Dugan is a changed dog! He is a pleasure to walk and actually listens to us! We are very, very pleased with the results of the training session. It was very helpful to hear the details of dog pack behavior and interaction. This made everything very clear! We would recommend Bark Busters in a heart beat!

Joan M.
Wilmington, DE

July 23 2006

This program is simple to apply and has had dramatic results in correcting McDuff's behaviors. I highly recommend Bark Busters!

Tammy S.
Newark, DE

July 23 2006

I couldn't be more impressed!! Problem solved!!

Lana F.
Townsend, DE

July 23 2006

For a house pet, this method is far better than going to an obedience class. The personal one-on-one in home training addresses the real problems you are having with your dog. The therapist was easy to follow and addressed every issue.

Ruth W.
Bear, DE

July 23 2006

I took the 20 question quiz and realized my youngest dog was more out of control than I wanted to believe. After my first session with John, I couldn't believe how much Rudy had improved! We had been through obedience class twice but neither class had addressed the "in home" problems. Bark Busters methods are effective and most of all easy to follow!

Vikki B.
Newport, DE

July 23 2006

Bark Busters is the first type of dog training that ever had a lasting positive effect on my dog!

Kim J.
Wilmington, DE

July 23 2006

I believe Bark Busters is great! My dog responded immediately. Thank you so much!

Christina V.
Newark , DE

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