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June 20 2006

I wish I had found Bark Busters when Lola was a puppy. Lola has become a calmer and more obedient dog. We are, indeed, a much happier family.

Sharon P.

June 20 2006

I really liked the training techniques that were used. They were easy to follow and were very effective. I am extremely happy with the initial results and have the utmost confidence that Zoe's bad behavior will be corrected.

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Donna H.
Nanuet, NY

June 19 2006

Excellent instructions, easy to understand, excellent communication skills, she is great.

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Sandra Y.
Milford, MI

June 19 2006

Her approach was great..I would definately recommend Bark Busters because of the easy to understand techniques and the results that CAN be acheived.

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Tracy K.
Farmington, MI

June 15 2006

It is inconceivable to believe the simple plan works, but it does. It's been over two months and it's still working, better every day. Thanks Bob

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Frank P.
Houston, Texas

June 14 2006

Jack, our 7-mo-old German Shepherd, had trained us to fulfill his every want!! In the 6 weeks we had him prior to our training session, he was basically running our home! It is so amazing how much more we enjoy eachothers company and how much calmer he is!! He is more relaxed since he has realized that we are in charge! Thank you!!

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Lenny & Patty L.
Rockville, MD

June 11 2006

Thank you for teaching us to speak and understand canine. "Noticeable results" at the end of the lesson is an understatement!

Dave and Kristen S.
Grand Rapids

June 8 2006

Zoe is really responding well. Very effective methods and the lifetime guarantee is awesome!

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Theresa D.
Tampa, FL

June 8 2006

We were "blown away" by the quick results! We were amazed that Leia was making changes in a few hours :) Our dog is becoming a better dog each and every day since the training as we continue to work with her. Jeff & Cathy were excellent and we're so happy that we did the Bark Busters training

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Brad & Meredith D.
Tampa, FL

June 7 2006

Barry was Awesome! Our dog responded immediately to him. He explained everything very well and continues to be very supportive during subsequent training. Our home is so much calmer now that we have a puppy who behaves!

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Celine P.
Fayetteville, GA

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