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January 29 2006

Bob's presentation is absolutely clear. The change in the dogs was "night & day". We are pleasantly happy with the non-harsh training methods. Very through, effective technique. Amazing results in only a couple of hours.

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Steve & Ashlee K.
Cypress, Texas

January 27 2006

Thanks to Jack and Sarah, our dogs are now living in harmony with each other and with us! We no longer dread having company over because now Spike focuses on me instead of being aggressive to our other dog. There was significant improvement the first day and it has only gotten better. It's wonderful!

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Melissa D.
Issaquah, WA

January 25 2006

Dusty is like a different dog. The day after his training we had a painter come in to do some work. Dusty did not jump up on the painter & laid down at my feet while we were talking. Thanks so much !!!

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Vicky & Bill M.
Hudson, FL

January 23 2006

I was very impressed with the reaction of my dogs to the training. We have been working now for 10 days and i have seen a great improvement. I have an Alpha female and the difference in her is amazing. I can leave the house much quicker and with less drama and anxiety.

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Teresa S.
Clearwater, FL

January 18 2006

Bailey = $ xx

Brinkley = $ xx

Peace and Quiet in the morning = Priceless!!!

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David & Tami B.
Hudson, FL

January 15 2006

We could see results in one session. It was shocking! I thought we would need several sessions to see even a little improvement. Thanks, Bark Busters!

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Brad & Grace D.
Nanuet, NY

January 11 2006

Jumping corrected while "starting". Very impressed with the training that "sounded too good to be true" !!

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Sarene P.
Houston, Texas

January 9 2006

Very informative and easy to follow. We saw noticeable results at the end of the training session - it works immediately. They behave 100% differently as of today. We're pleased with the natural training techniques - much better than clicker or treat traning. Yes, we found the training experience to be interesting and enjoyable. We have learned much about dog behavior and pack mentality. We would absolutely recommend Bark Busters as the results are immediate and the training is done at home where problems arise. Kendra [our trainer] was wonderful - very patient and answered all of our questions. She has an obvious passion and dedicationfor her work.

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Clark and Kellie
Brighton, MI

December 24 2005

It was very helpful to learn about the group dynamics among our three dogs. It helped us in our approach with each one. Our dogs are coming along very well and we are much less frustrated with them. Bark Busters also helped us prepare our dogs for our new grand-baby. They were awesome.

Pat V.

December 21 2005

Saban is a different dog! This is very easy to understand and follow. Sternness with love = instant response. Absolutely worth the time and money b/c the results are immediately!!

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Alvin & Debbie P.
Houston, Texas

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