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December 19 2005

Mark spent three hours with an 8-month old Yellow Lab who is full of energy. When he was at the end of the three hours, Jake was already making significant progress (and was exhausted from using his mind so much!). I'm very happy to say that Mark did a fantastic job training us, as well as Jake. I learned a lot and really feel like Bark Busters is the way to go. Thanks to Mark!

Andrew C.

December 19 2005

I have been so pleased at the results of your program of training. I feel this is really emphasized to me when I compare Bark Buster's training to the training of a previous dog-using food and harsher methods. This works so much better and is more pleasant. Also it helped me "think" like Wilson or at least understand what he is thinking in order to train him. Many, many thanks... I tell everyone.

Laura W.
Cedar Springs

December 15 2005

Very informative, non-physical training.

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Pamela S.
Congers, NY

December 12 2005

Everything was explained, modeled and praised (praise is very important) when we got it right. I knew it was working right away. It was exciting to see the transformation and all I have to do is growl at him. Happy day ahead !!!

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Kara G.
Cypress, Texas

December 11 2005

Before the training our dogs would bark excessively and terrorized anyone who came in our home. Now our dogs are well behaved and are comfortable around guests. Jan Janecki is an excellent dog trainer.

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Hugo O.
Oceanside, CA

December 8 2005

Thank you, Jack and Sarah! We had painters in our house for the last two weeks and they were so impressed with our dog's behavior. They are now recommending Bark Busters.

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Susan S.
Issaquah, WA

December 6 2005

We obtained two adult 4 lb female Maltese's thinking because they are small and cute and adult there should be fewer problems. WRONG! After a few weeks in our home we were going crazy with the the younger one decided she was going to be the alpha and started nipping at people, mainly men. Our vet had a brochure for Bark Busters and that was the end of our problems. At the first session the barking was stopped in about 8 seconds! We were astounded and so pleased to find someone to teach us how to "think like a canine". I feel it actually saved one of our pets because had she kept biting, in our ignorance we probably would have put her down, and that would have been a shame. The other issues we are working on will be ongoing but we are so happy that Lisa and Nelson Neyers gave us the tools with which to make us happier along with our girls being happier too. I highly recommend Bark Busters, I feel we all benefit from well behaved canine companions.

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Gladys S.
Orange County, CA

December 6 2005

Before I contacted Bark Busters I had to put both my dogs out back when someone came to the door. It was awful. No one could get in the door without being knocked down from my dogs jumping on them. Now, after only one session with Bob and Judy, both dogs sit nicely while I invite my guests into the house. It's amazing how much better they behave.

Sue B.

December 4 2005

The concepts seem so simple and so basic - I guess that's why they work so well. We saw noticeable results within two hours and have been building on those ever since. Ruthie and Ida seem to relate very well to the techniques we've been taught. The 2½ hours seemed more like 30 minutes - Time fly by. I will recommend Bark Busters to everyone!

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Rich B.
Tampa, FL

December 4 2005

To see results almost immediately was amazing!

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Debbie C.
Oldsmar, FL

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