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May 15 2005

This was the first time in 1.5 years that we have been able to read our newspaper.

Janet D.

May 10 2005

I was skeptical at first, but by the time Kendra left my two barking dogs had been transformed! Our neighbor even asked if the 'girls' were sick because they weren't barking at him anymore! This is the best thing I have invested in, for myself and my neighbors!

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Claire S.- Lansing, MI
Lansing, MI

May 7 2005

We are very impressed with the dramatic change in our dog. The method is simple and logical. I wish we had done this sooner !!!!

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Kathy B.
Houston, Texas

May 6 2005

I just wanted to share a success story with you. Blue is doing really well. My success story is that we had to go to the vet for grooming this morning, and I would say that this is where I usually have the most difficult time with Blue. Today there were 3 large dogs and 2 cats in the waiting area when we arrived. I stood in the doorway so she could see the reception area. Blue started to alert to the action inside so I gave her a low "Baah" and she focused on me. We then went inside and she did not bark once.

Stacy B.
Grand Rapids

May 5 2005

I have really enjoyed my experience with Bark Busters. Kendra's approach to disciplining my pomeranian was and is remarkable. He responds extremely well to the behavior changes... It's been a true pleasure to work with Bark Busters...Thank you!

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B. Greve

April 29 2005

Our two Labs had a lot of social problems, as well as separation anxiety. After [our trainer] Jan's visit we were able to have friends over without fear of the dogs 'going wild.' It was also very nice to finally be able to walk the two dogs together!

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Stephanie P.
San Diego, CA

April 17 2005

Vito "The God Father of wayward dogs" was an awesome trainer. We were on the verge of giving up our 4-pound, pure bred Yorkshire Terrier Until Vito taught us the tips and techniques we need to gain control of our dog and start living a more peaceful life. Within the first two hours of Vito's first visit, Dawson was a new dog. Today, he is calmer, obedient and a love to be around. I would highly recommend Vito and Bark Busters to anyone who is at the breaking point with their dog.

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Kristen M.
St. Petersburg, FL

April 11 2005

I am SO happy to have chosen Bark Busters! Your training system is exactly what I was looking for..... and David [our trainer] is GREAT!

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Jeanne Z.
Seattle, WA

April 11 2005

[My dog] Dude was immediately improved. I look forward to even more progress.

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Alison W.
Seattle, WA

April 11 2005

We went out for dinner after Rudy's [our dog] training and when we came back he didn't jump on us - yeah! The training was very helpful in understanding how a dog thinks and how we needed to be re-trained.

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Sherri M.
Kirkland, WA

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