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September 3 2013

Alison Wilson dealt with: Barking at people, dogs, animals, birds or where the dog barks for attention or at the slightest noise Pulling on the Lead Puppy Management Separation Anxiety

Alison is an amazing trainer- for both dogs and humans! She is part therapist, part teacher, as she listens to you and observes your struggles so that she can best tailor training sessions to your needs. She makes sure that you understand canine psychology and the reasoning behind your dog's behavior so that you can better address it on your own, leaving you empowered. Thanks to her help, my dog and I have an incredibly strong bond and level of understanding and respect between each other.

Jen S.
Charlottesville, Virginia

June 4 2013

We highly recommend Bark Busters and especially Alison Wilson. Although we had been owners of labs and chesapeake bay retrievers, we were not prepared for the socialization needed for an Old English Bulldog. Thanks to Alison's guidance and expert knowledge we saw immediate results the first day. Our bulldog has become an important member of our family and our grandchildren love to play with him.

Madison, Virginia

January 10 2012

I have a Chesapeake Bay retriever, which happens to be one of the most stubborn breeds there is! I was having so much trouble with him barking whenever I sat down to do something (eat, computer, etc.), darting away from me, and just uncontrollable that I finally had to do something about it. I contacted Alison (as this is the only group I've found that doesn't train your dog with treats) and I had a new dog the first day! She is so patient and is wonderful with her training of me and my dog. He is only 8 months old and I've met with Alison 3 times and I can't say enough good things about her. It has really made a difference in our lives. You definitely need to try Bark Busters if you are having trouble with your dog!


May 16 2011

Our two standard poodles, Sophie and Marco, are two years old and have been together since birth. We tried other training programs ("dog whisperer" stuff) and I could not get comfortable with eliciting responses with treats. The program by Alison Wilson, our BB trainer, was very intuitive and it worked. It wasn't just concepts, though. We started with the basics and worked through a very clear and simple tactical plan over a couple of months. My dogs are much happier now that they understand their place in our pack! Me, too.

Wanda Kochhar

May 3 2011

I have to say that Alison Wilson is the BEST dog trainer we have ever worked with. Our pitbull, Harper, is extremely strong willed and never followed our commands. He also has separation anxiety and would destroy our house or his crate, which would lead to injuries, if we left him. Alison has taught us how to be the leaders of our pack. She went on numerous walks with us and showed us how to keep him focused. She came over as often as we needed her to, and gave us advice through email and over the phone. Harper is still working on his separation anxiety, but it is much better. We never have to worry about coming home to an injured/panicked dog. Harper views us as the leaders now and responds immediately to our commands. We are very proud to say that we're responsible pitbull owners and it was all possible because of the help that Alison provided. We will continue to use Bark Busters and Alison Wilson for all of our doggie troubles and would recommend them to anyone who is also having problems with their pets. WE LOVE BARK BUSTERS AND ALISON WILSON!

Kathleen Beall

July 28 2009

Alison explained the training method in a very clear and easy way to understand. I enjoyed learning about the techniques and training tools. We knew Atty could be a great dog. We learned how to begin working with him and produce immediate results. We've tried treat training, but he'd only listen if we had a treat. Now we get to be pack leaders who are respected all of the time.---Alison was very friendly and helpful. She was calm and led us by example. She worked very naturally with Atty and was fun to learn from.---Thank you! We can't wait to show Alison how hard we've all been working!

Megan S.

July 17 2009

I thought you'd like to hear a recent update regarding our lab mix, Gus. Yesterday we had a wonderful experience with our neighbor's son Jay. I was out in the yard yesterday evening doing some one-on-one training with Gus when Jay came out of his house and asked if I'd like him to come over and work with Gus (what a great kid, right?). So I happily accepted his offer (he came bearing treats, too). It had been awhile since our last session together, and Jay asked if Gus would be muzzled. I explained that I thought it was time to move on from the muzzle, as Gus really seemed to know him and the muzzle just made him nervous. So Jay came in the yard, and Gus approached him in a relaxed and happy manner with tail wagging (and no barking!).---We proceeded to walk around the yard for a while and I reminded Jay that it was OK to pet Gus, but not to hug. Eventually, Jay wanted to play with Gus, so we got out his favorite ball and the the two of them played fetch for a good 20 minutes or so. This was quite a moment to witness, as Jay has wished to have this type of relationship with Gus for a very long time (Michael was watching from the window, and later told me he got very choked up at the site of them playing happily together).

Jessica W.

September 23 2008

If we hadn't contacted Bark Busters, one of our dogs would have been put to sleep. We were amazed at the results of the first visit and all the visits since. We would highly recommend Bark Busters to others.

Rebecca E.

September 23 2008

Alison is a knowledgeable and understanding teacher who helped us better understand our dog. Sorry we didn't know about Bark Busters sooner.

Bill and Dorothy L.

September 23 2008

Alison saved our household!

Rachel N.

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