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April 21 2006

Bob was through, passionate & knowledgeable, Great Job ! I was amazed , Dixie's aggression is gone. I can use this to help the dogs I foster. I am very pleased !!

Ann C.
Cypress, Texas

April 19 2006

I was bored with traditional obedience classes that do not solve problems, and was looking into electric shock therapy, but Bark Busters is GREAT! In two hours, it had already proved to make a remarkable difference, and now, a week and a half later, it still works! Thank you so much! I will definitely recommend Bark Busters!

Julie G.
Kingwood, TX

April 6 2006

The method was very clear and well explained and the immediate results were unbelievable ! Bob was great and explained this in a easy way to assimilate, also quite enjoyable.

David & Patty K.
Cypress, Texas

April 6 2006

We noticed results with both dogs in the first 10 minutes of working with them, excellent. These natural techniques mean that we don't have to be dog psychologists to get the behaviors needed from our dogs. This method is sustainable and adapts to many situations without gimmicks.

John H.
Spring, Texas

April 5 2006

Gentle, but immediately effective !!

Sandra K.
Houston, Texas

March 26 2006

Learning to be the "pack leader" was very interesting. It's nice not having the dogs "go nuts" when the door bell rings in enjoyable. If you have a dog with issues, absolutely - call Bark Busters.

Janice B.
The Woodlands, Texas

March 14 2006

Amazing! In 30 minutes my wild dog, who never minds, is responding to commands.

Ken & Lynn H.
Tomball, Texas

March 11 2006

How fast the dogs responded to the training is amazing !! It works !!

Mike & Mellissa G.
Spring, Texas

March 6 2006

Very clear instructions. Simple to understand - common sense. We learned many new things about our dog's nature. They work with you in your home and the dog's environment. We saw immediate results in their behavior

Mary Lou G.
Houston, Texas

February 24 2006

Bob Williams dealt with: Barking at people, dogs, animals, birds or where the dog barks for attention or at the slightest noise

We were amazed. We had low expectations. We contacted Bark Busters a a means of last resort before snipping our oldest schnauzer's vocal cords. We were surprised with the natural techniques. bob patiently answered our questions and helped us understand the personalities of our three dogs. It's quite unbelievable, our dogs are 90% quieter and easily controlled. Thanks Bob & Bark Busters !!

Ellen H.
Kingwood, Texas

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