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January 29 2006

Bob's presentation is absolutely clear. The change in the dogs was "night & day". We are pleasantly happy with the non-harsh training methods. Very through, effective technique. Amazing results in only a couple of hours.

Steve & Ashlee K.
Cypress, Texas

January 11 2006

Jumping corrected while "starting". Very impressed with the training that "sounded too good to be true" !!

Sarene P.
Houston, Texas

December 21 2005

Saban is a different dog! This is very easy to understand and follow. Sternness with love = instant response. Absolutely worth the time and money b/c the results are immediately!!

Alvin & Debbie P.
Houston, Texas

December 12 2005

Everything was explained, modeled and praised (praise is very important) when we got it right. I knew it was working right away. It was exciting to see the transformation and all I have to do is growl at him. Happy day ahead !!!

Kara G.
Cypress, Texas

November 26 2005

Holey Moley, what a noticeable change! I didn't expect to see such a change! Great experience!

Tom & Amy M.
Spring, Texas

November 14 2005

By the end of the training session we had a different dog. the Bark Buster technique is very easy to learn and administer with immediate results. I will recommend Bark Busters to anyone who wants a well behaved dog. Thanks, Bob !!!!

Richard & Wanda M.
The Woodands, Texas

November 12 2005

Amazing change within 5 minutes, effective and easy !!

Justin T.
Katy, Texas

September 1 2005

Bob was very through in training and in explaining the rationale behind the training. The change in Truman was very noticeable and immediate. Awesome !! Saw immediate results & training lessons that are easy to enforce and use every day.

Stephanie M.
Tomball, Texas

August 27 2005

Good results in a short period of time w/o harsh treatment.

B. J. T.
Houston, Texas

June 22 2005

I had my doubts (sounded almost too good to be true), but was ready to try almost anything to get a grip on the behavior of our "three spoiled brats". I was astounded at the immediate results. Now we have wonderful, happier companions. Thanks, Bob !

Les & Martha W.
Spring, Texas

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