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December 19 2013

Christine Guth dealt with: Barking at people, dogs, animals, birds or where the dog barks for attention or at the slightest noise Destructive chewing that results in destruction of furniture, woodwork etc Jumping up at visitors or the dog jumps up at people on walks Pulling on the Lead Puppy Management

Chris is a master dog trainer. She was so prepared with alternatives if one technique didn't work. Scotch responded immediately! Chris has always been responsive via email or phone. Wish she trained kids!

Mary Ellen S.
Elmhurst, Illinois

October 15 2013

Christine Guth dealt with: Recall or not coming when called Separation Anxiety Toileting Other

Chris has done an amazing job helping us out with Lionel, a half pit/lab, one-year-old puppy. At one point, he got scared by a loud noise outside and just flat-out refused to leave the house. In fact we would have to drag him to the backyard even have to go to the bathroom and many for many housebreaking accidents in the house itself. Within a week after the first training sessions there were some important improvements and by week three Lionel became a walking machine (and looking forward to going outside).

But to get to that point, Chris emphasized that me my daughter would have to train him on a daily basis and keep her updated with the training. If one technique didn't work, she would suggest another. We were able to call her or text her whenever we had a problem in between our formal sessions. So, keep in mind that you will need to work with your dog a daily basis if you want improvements.

The old saying is that dog trainers spend more time training the owners of the dog and that is certainly true. Some of her suggestions didn't seem to make sense up front but in the end we always got great results. You're paying the money, so you should take the experts' advice.

I also suggest that you buy the lifetime guarantee program. It is a lot of money up front but I would have spent at least twice that much if I had gone to a trainer with an hourly rate. It is now week four and a half, and Lionel is a joy to live with. But, the training continues for about 20 min. every day. Even my neighbors are commenting what a good walker Lionel is now (when just a few weeks ago refused to even leave the house).

Mike K.
Bloomingdale, Illinois

September 16 2013

Christine Guth dealt with: Barking at people, dogs, animals, birds or where the dog barks for attention or at the slightest noise Hyperactivity Jumping up at visitors or the dog jumps up at people on walks Pulling on the Lead Puppy Management Recall or not coming when called
Photo of Rod and Diana M.'s dog

Chris Guth has been our Bark Buster Dog Trainer for the past few months and we could not be more pleased with the results that she has helped us achieve in training our dog. Not only has she helped us develop a plan and training program for our rambunctious boxer Bruno, she has been a source of encouragement when we were doubting our ability to train our pup. Chris has shown great patience and understanding of our situation. She has been a true professional and we would highly recommend her to anyone in need of some assistance with dog training. Chris Guth is definitely a credit to the Bark Busters organization.

Rod and Diana M.
Elk Grove Village, Illinois

July 16 2013

Photo of Dawn L.'s dog

For several years I have had two min pins. One way more moody than the other. Well I opened the family up to a 10 month old lab mix last year and the moody min pin and the puppy were scaring me being together. I turned to Chris almost in tears. After the first visit not only did I have three dogs that slept 10 hours but as time had passed and meeting with Chris they started to finally get the pack together. I can't thank Chris enough for all her hard work and keeping intouch with me seeing how everything was going. It was nice to send a picture to Chris on the 4th of July with the puppy ( now 2) and the moddy min pin laying in the grass next to each other.

Dawn L.
Bensenville, Illinois

July 8 2013

Chris has been working with us for over three years now and she has been a tremendous help to our family. We contacted her when our Springer Spaniel bit a neighbor very unexpectedly. We saw changes after our first visit from Chris. Last week we added a kitten to our family and Chris is working with us to introduce the kitten to our dog. Again, we saw results after the first visit. We couldn't be more pleased and grateful!

Anna Watson
Elmhurst, Illinois

June 25 2013

Photo of Dee and Bill Weiler's dog

Our dog was constantly barking, and we were at our wits end. When we took him on a walk, he often went crazy when he saw another dog. He even had been through three sessions of dog training classes. One night, when our dog was barking nonstop, someone asked if we heard of Bark Busters. We went online and recognized a neighbor's name in a testimonial about how Bark Busters helped their dog. Chris Guth was their dog's trainer. I emailed them to find out more. They said how Chris truly helped improve their dog's behavior. I knew this could be our chance and got in contact with Chris. Needless to say, just after a few sessions with her, our dog's behavior has improved tremendously. We learned a few techniques and were given some tools to help us out. We practice a little each day and naturally they become a part of our routine. We are thrilled! (Good-bye aspirin and earplugs.)Bark Busters is certainly worthwhile. Thanks so much, Chris!

Dee and Bill Weiler
Elmhurst, Illinois

June 11 2013

This is our second experience with a trainer, we have had German Shepherd's in the past, this one is our fifth. We never have required a trainer with our other German Shepherd's, but this one has a mind of her own and does what she wants. We started with a training school when she was a few months old and it was training with treats, not a good idea. Our Vet's office had a brochure from Bark Busters and we called and got Chris, who our dog loves and listens and responds to very well, not so much with us, but we are working on it. Chris is very good, she answers all our questions and does not hesitate to come back to our home when we need help. And I wish we would had called on Bark Busters sooner.

Ray & Betty Kolinski
Bensenville, Illinois

May 31 2013

I have two Havanese that were both having some behavior issues. I called Bark Busters and was so pleased with Christine. I had purchased a new puppy and I was having problems with housebreaking Izzy.. I was just about ready to give the pup away when Bark Busters came highly recommend. I was fortunate to get Christine Guth as my trainer. Christine helped me tremoundously with this problem and Izzy is an amazing 17 month old well behaved dog. When Christine started working with Izzy, we noticed that my 4 year old was having issues that I had been ignoring. Chris, at no added expense, help me learn how to take the lead and now I have two great dogs.....thanks to Christine!!!!!!! I am still working everyday and the results are amazing.....just watching and listening to Christine made my life with the girls so easy. I am a very satisfied client.

Linda Wasserstrom
Roselle, Illinois

May 22 2013

Christine and Bark Busters were a perfect fit for our family and our new puppy. Training took place in our home and our schedule. Christine was so thorough and helpful throughout the process. We could not have asked for a better trainer.

Wendy Stoner
Schaumburg, Illinois

May 18 2013

Photo of Billy Grow's dog

Thanks to Christine, we can finally say our pitbull Zeus is trained! Going into the Bark Busters training I was skeptical having tried other training methods in the past with no success. Zeus is an extremely stubborn dog and before Bark Busters training, he only wanted to listen and do things on his terms. From the very first session with Chris though, we started making progress and were able to address key issues in Zeus' behavior that needed improvement. Chris tailored the training to our house, showing us how to set boundaries where we didn't want Zeus to go and helped us train him to sit and wait to go through doorways and up stairs. This was huge for us because with Zeus being a big dog, he would literally knock people over always being right under foot. By Chris teaching us how to properly correct negative behaviors, we were able to get Zeus to stop putting his paws on the counter and train him to sit and wait to be let inside from the backyard instead of jumping up and clawing at the door. Chris also help us train Zeus to take walks without pulling on the leash, and we were able to stop using the pronged correctional collar which was the only way we could control him outside before the training. Our biggest accomplishment with the training though was getting Zeus to like his crate and go in it on command. Before Chris, Zeus absolutely hated his crate. Getting him to go in it was a constant battle and when he was in it all he would do was bark and whine. With her guidance, we were able to make the crate a happier environment for Zeus, which corrected the barking and whining when he was in it. It took a little longer to get him to go in the crate on command, but with Chris' help with off leash control techniques we were finally able to do it. It happened at the end of one of our training sessions and ever since that day he goes to his crate every time he's told! I am forever grateful to Chris for everything she has helped us to achieve with Zeus and his training. Her commitment and dedication to helping us get the results with Zeus that we wanted goes far beyond what I ever expected. She is extremely knowledgeable in all areas of dog training and behavior and is a true expert in her field. I recommend Chris and Bark Busters to anyone with a dog that needs to be trained.

Billy Grow
Schaumburg, Illinois

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