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December 23 2012

Christine Guth was a life saver! We brought a puppy into a house with a 10 year old dog and they hated each other. After our first session, the two were able to sit next to each other and now they're the best of friends. The dogs loved Christine and we couldn't have done this without her!

Laura Ebert

September 12 2012

Christine is wonderful, personable and great with the dogs. Goes above & beyond to help!! We love her!! This has been a great experience & really works!

Terry Brennan
Elk Grove Village

June 22 2012

We learned so much about dog behavior and to treat a dog as a dog and not as if the dog is a "human". I was AMAZED at how our dog responded and obeyed. The training makes sense based on the dog/wolf pack. The "BAH" word is MAGIC! Who would have thought it would work? We have recommended Bark Busters and our friends are now using Bark Busters! We humans needed to be trained and our dog rehabilitated!

Ed & Suzanne Layer

May 1 2012

We liked the natural training techniques used by Bark Busters-especially how the training is customized to your dogs. Christine takes the personality and needs of the dog into consideration before developing the training regimen. We really like the fact that the foundation for the training is not about treats. I would definitely recommend Bark Busters. Christine was very responsive and worked with us to help get our dogs the best they could be. Her love for dogs is evident in her work.

Lisa Duba

April 1 2012

Chris was very thorough in her explanations and demonstrations. Also, she answered all our questions. Our dogs began to understand the "Bah" correction by the end of the first training. A non-treat based training method was much desired and worked excellently. I enjoyed the exercises very much and hold the training knowledge in high regard. I definitely will recommend this to those who seek training. Living the way you want with the dogs you love is invaluable. Thanks Bark Busters!

Brian Bevill

April 1 2012

The training experience was both interesting and enjoyable - lots of "AHA" moments. Hard to train the humans involved. :-) Christine gives lots of positive reinforcement. I feel the visits were very pleasant even though we were seriously working.

Peggy Swanson
Oak Park

March 5 2012

This has been very useful to us so far. It not only teaches my dog but it teaches us as well. Christine is very helpful and I am happy to have her in our home, helping us all to relax. Training has become habit.

Amy Diebel

February 20 2012

Chris outlined everything before we started and answered all our questions. We were able to do things with our puppy that we were having trouble with and she responded to the new techniques. We were unable to discipline our puppy and she gave us the best way to do so. We found the training experience very much enjoyable. Chris was very kind and explained everything really well. We would definitely recommend Bark Busters. Christine was excellent and we wish we had called sooner.

Katie & Nick Riutta

December 31 2011

With the holidays we had many family over that hadn't seen our dog in a while. The most common comment was "She's like a different dog, she's so calm" Chris was wonderful, she explained not only the techniques to use to change the behavior, but the reasons the dog is jumping, running off, other behaviors. She explained why the actions we had been taking were not working, and was non-judgmental. Chris was very kind with her time, accommodating a traveling husband, working mom, and active kids.

Gail & Bob Robertson

September 28 2011

Christine explained the training techniques very clearly and thoroughly. We saw immediate results and with each session Coco's behavior improved. We were very pleased with the training techniques. Chris made the training sessions very interesting and enjoyable for both humans and dog. We would highly recommend Bark Busters to anyone who needs help with their dog. Chris is an excellent therapist. We feel very fortunate to have her helping us with Coco.

Pat & Diane Makar
Elmwood Park

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