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September 28 2011

Chris is knowledgeable and experienced. We know exactly what to work on after each visit. My husband was not present at training but he noticed a difference after one lesson. It works very well. My dog was very out of control. I would've given him away without this training. It was our privilege and pleasure to work with Chris. She is amazing! I already have recommended Bark Busters to a neighbor who saw the car with the logo. Great idea to attract new customers. My dog has a strong personality (pack leader). I will be using the techniques I learned throughout Teddy's life. Thanks to Chris I can enjoy Teddy and be proud to say he's my dog. Throughout this training I've realized mistakes I made training other dogs I've owned in the past. Thank you Bark Busters for having an amazing employee named Chris Guth!

Carol & Katie Duffy
Elk Grove Village

September 9 2011

Chris is patient and loving and treats my dog with love and tenderness. Most importantly, I wanted my dog to quit chasing cars and trained. Chris Guth did that. I'm very happy. My dog is much improved.

Carole Christmann

September 7 2011

Working with Chris has been a great experience. We saw immediate results at the end of the first session and continued to see results as we furthered our training. Chris is truly interested and excited about helping us learn techniques that are easy to follow and understand so that we can follow through. You can see how passionate Chris is for her work and the animals.

Danielle & Jason Rybicki

September 7 2011

Chris is very good at clarifying. We saw remarkable progress and would absolutely recommend Bark Busters to friends and neighbors. Already have! Chris and Bark Busters have made my dog and I more confident!

Tim Anderson
Elk Grove Village

June 27 2011

The step-by-step explanation was thorough. Christine took time & patience to answer our many questions. The results were immediate. Pocahontes realized there was a new sheriff in town & responded. We tested the Bark Buster plan at the front door and saw immediate change. The techniques were easy to follow and they work! The leave behind information is helpful for a quick refresher. With Bark Busters and Christine Guth's help we are a happy dog family. Prior to her first visit and due to our dog's increasingly aggressive and dangerous behavior I had thoughts that we would have to look at the option of returning Pocahontes back to the shelter we adopted her from. Four visits later and I wouldn't think of it. I want Bark Busters to know how happy we are with the training & support that Chris provided our family. Thank you Chris!

Jay & Karen Robinson

June 27 2011

Our trainer did an excellent job of explaining all of the techniques. Our dog has made huge improvements. I used to worry that she would spend all her time in her crate. Now I am comfortable with her being around kids & other dogs. We loved our training sessions and looked forward to each one. Bark Busters helped us control our dog's behavior but - more importantly - let us have the best relationship we could have with her. Thank you!

Ashley Schwarz

May 4 2011

I have a rescue dog that other trainers and my veterinarian have considered hopeless and even recommended euthanasia. Chris Guth from Bark Busters has worked miracles with Buddy and in fact saved his life. I am eternally grateful to her. I love her positive reinforcement and gentle training methods. She truly cares for the dogs that she works with. I can not speak for all Bark Buster trainers but I can absolutely say that Chris Guth is the best and gives Bark Busters a great name.


February 7 2011

I just wanted to say thank you for those training sessions and the book you gave me. Kipp is a great dog. We constantly get great comments on her following commands and being a lady with company. At times she is more testing with just us, but a low G-r-r-r and she immediately sits. So many people will comment, "oh a border collie, I bet she never listens." Then they see she does. Thanks Bark Busters.

Christine Swanson
Elk Grove Village

December 14 2010

Chris was very clear and thorough with us and extremely patient too! We were totally amazed. We couldn't believe how fast he responded and we continue to be amazed. I love that only praise is used-no physical hitting. Chris made it fun and very understandable. She is great. I love our trainer, Chris Guth, and have and continue to recommend Bark Busters. Our trainer is fantastic and so helpful. I now feel confident we are giving our fur baby the best life possible.

Jan Walch

September 13 2010

The training was a good fit for our family and pet. The trainer was very thorough, patient and a great listener. The training works. We were very pleased that there was no hitting or slapping-only verbal commands. We learned a great deal of clear information that we can use. All our questions were addressed. Bark Busters is the best!

Sheila Scott
Forest Park

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