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July 13 2010

Christine was very patient with us and our dogs. We had three Chihuahuas that were completely running our house. If anyone came to the door, they were barked at and attacked (jumped on). This is no longer the case, and it only took 2 hours! The technique was very simple and easy for both us and our dogs to follow. The training was very interesting and informative. Our neighbors saw the Bark Busters car in our driveway and had questions. We have raved about the results to everyone and requested fliers. We had a friend come over the day after our initial visit, and he wanted to know what we had done to our dogs. We told him these were the results after one visit!

Cecilia Tancun Zaucha

July 8 2010

Thank you for sending Bark Buster News. I get a lot of information from it, and it helps with some of my questions that I want answered. I want to thank Christine, who helped me a lot in handling my little bad boy. He was so difficult to handle when I adopted him from a dog shelter because he is a dominating dog and wants his own way. I was at the end of my rope with him already. Even the groomer couldn't handle him. Christine said, "He will be alright when he knows someone loves him and he can trust you." Well, it worked. He is a little dominant at times, but not at all like he was. He is my forever pal, and we're always together. I am handicapped and stay home a lot, so you see I need him as much as he needs me. He gives kisses, paw, sits, stays and looks at you like he loves you so much.

Anna Gulbin
Elk Grove Village

July 8 2010

Easy-to-follow instructions that really were effective with the dogs. It was amazing how "our problem child" immediately started listening and obeying commands. I especially liked not having to use food as a reward and just using emotional cues to convey praise or displeasure. The training experience was interesting and enjoyable. We have fun with the dogs. We would absolutely recommend Bark Busters to friends and neighbors. Christine definitely knows her stuff and readily assessed the personalities of the dogs and was able to "tailor" the training to their personality.

Karen Santelli

July 8 2010

I would highly recommend Bark Busters. We have a puppy mill dog who is about 2 years old. She is making remarkable improvement with time, thanks to Chris Guth and Bark Busters training.

Ruth Rickerson

June 15 2010

Bella greets me without jumping up now. She didn't even need the training aid. She just needed my command. I still continue to use the training-especially on walks. I work at Addison Animal Hospital, and I have recommended it to many clients and include the information in our puppy kits.

Graziella Cefalu
Elmwood Park

June 15 2010

We are so glad we started the Bark Busters training program when Sammy was a young puppy, instead of waiting until problems occurred. With Chris's help we are molding Sammy into a well-behaved puppy who treats us and our children with respect. We achieve this without being physical or aggressive. How fabulous! Learning about dog psychology has also been enlightening.

Amber Grau

June 7 2010

Chris Guth is a fantastic teacher. She is great with dogs and humans! The "bah" technique works wonders. Chris was very responsive to our needs. I felt comfortable calling or e-mailing questions. Her response was always prompt. I have moved to Washington state and am teaching the "bah" technique to my current dog walker/sitter. Initially, I was struck by the cost, but it is worth the price. All my dogs (three) have changed for the better. I will enthusiastically recommend Bark Busters.

Catherine Monti
Oak Park

May 23 2010

Chris is very good, and her technique-excellent!!! We saw results in just a couple of days. Even our guests are very impressed with the dogs' behavior changes. We were absolutely pleased with the natural training techniques. It has made a great difference in our boys' behaviors. It is great to train the dogs using positive reinforcement versus treats! We would recommend it to everyone we know. We are extremely pleased with Bark Busters and very fortunate that Chris is our trainer.

Mike & Sandy Super

May 23 2010

I love the fact that Chris is helping me to better understand what my dog needs; because he is so shy, going slow is what is best for him. Thank you so much.

Shirley Sanchez

May 11 2010

I have a little, 3-pound Yorkie. I was having a problem with her going outside to go to the bathroom when it was raining. I was referred to Chris-she was wonderful, dogs truly are her passion. I started to do all the things she told me to do, and it works so well. And also the Buster's Secret urine stain and odor spray works so, so well; I would highly recommend it. Thank you for all your help and the passion you had with my little girl.

Desiree Ludwig

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