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May 6 2010

Everything Chris said made sense, and it made the training a lot easier. Jack was so attentive; by the end of the session, he was like a different dog. It is so much easier to use my "Bah" or training aid than chasing Jack around the yard or the house. I found the training experience to be interesting and enjoyable and the time flew by. The whole family enjoyed it. We have already given the brochure to friends. Our friends have noticed the change in Jack already. The Bark Busters training techniques have helped Jack become a happier puppy, and the house is a lot calmer. We are enjoying Jack-not constantly correcting or worrying about him.

Kristin Long
Elk Grove Village

May 6 2010

The techniques explained and demonstrated by Chris were not only easy to follow and understand, but they were also extremely effective. We observed noticeable results by the end of the training, and we continued to reinforce, correct and reward positively. Today, barking is under control and door manners have been learned. All techniques that were explained and demonstrated gave us an excellent glimpse into the dog world. Bark Busters techniques are easy to understand, and they work! Chris taught us how/what dogs interpret, understand, and react/respond to and what we needed to do to make lasting positive changes. Extremely interesting and enjoyable. We have recommended Bark Busters twice: 1 - To the lady who cuts our hair. She has an aggressive dog, and we recommended Bark Busters to help her out; 2 - To my brother and his wife, Erin. They have a golden retriever who pulls on the leash and snaps at Erin.

Carol Coggins

May 2 2010

Our dog has benefited greatly from the training and has improved a lot. I was pleased with the training from day one because our experience has been so wonderful. Duffy has enjoyed his lessons with Chris as much as we have. What I loved about this training was how well we owners learned to work with our dog and how he trusts us.

J. Trapani
Elmwood Park

April 27 2010

Christine is great. We really appreciate all her help and guidance. We would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a trainer.

Kathy & Tom Elder

April 27 2010

Chris took the appropriate time to go through everything. If we had any questions, she would stop and answer them. We have noticed a gradual change for the better in my dog's behaviors. Chris continues to mention that our confidence and time spent with them will only improve things. The natural training is one of the reasons we started with Bark Busters. It is interesting to see how our dogs respond to each of the techniques. If we know of others that are in need of outside help, we would recommend Bark Busters. Chris has excellent confidence in her knowledge of working with pets. She also has expressed how confident she is in us and our dogs. She is willing to try many different things with us to help better our relationship with our dogs.

Cathleen & Peggy Tomaino
Elk Grove Village

April 8 2010

Chris was very patient with us, and I was encouraged by the gentle but firm manner of training. The experience was interesting and enjoyable, not only because of Christine's manner, but watching the results and the change in yourself is rewarding. I'm glad we found each other! While always adorable, my dogs are loved even more now.

Sandra Hensley

March 24 2010

Hilda had barking issues that were out of control. With Chris' help, we were able to get Hilda on the right track. As a rookie dog owner, all the behavioral techniques and insights into dog behavior in general were great information to have.

Susan Froelich

March 2 2010

I was pleased with the natural training techniques used by Bark Busters-especially how the training is tailor-made to your dog. Christine constantly adapts to the individual personality/needs of the dog. I really like the fact that the training is not revolved around treats. I would absolutely recommend Bark Busters. Christine is incredibly responsive and spent a lot of time working with Maeve. It is obvious that she is very interested/knowledgeable and displays a lot of compassion for Maeve and animals in general.

Jackie Zubak
Oak Park

December 16 2009

There were obvious results in walking, obedience and not begging for food in the kitchen. Christine did an excellent job in explaining training techniques and answering all questions. I have had plenty of opportunities to practice the various techniques. It is very apparent that the training will work with consistent practice.

Gary K
Oak Park

November 14 2009

It was miraculous. I was about to get rid of the dog but now he listens and has great manners. The techniques are amazing and best of all they work instantaneously. Our dog will be a joy to have in our family now, instead of a nightmare. I already have recommended Bark Busters to several friends. What an awesome program! I was totally dumbfounded by the instant response, instant success.

Lisa Z

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