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May 21 2009

It is absolutely amazing how far all 3 dogs have come. Even our neighbor who was our test door ringer was shocked at how good they are now - especially in the yard.

Mary Parks
Wood Dale

May 12 2009

All of the training steps were very easy. We saw noticeable results that very evening. We were definitely pleased with the natural training techniques used and our dog has definitely benefited from it. I have recommended Bark Busters to one of our neighbors whose daughter was having problems with her dog. She heard how great our dog had done with Bark Busters.

Sue Andre

April 22 2009

Chris was great! She helped me see what I was lacking in leadership and showed me numerous ways to handle Minnie's urges to be in control. Minnie listens better, walks on the leash without pulling and over time has begun to respect me as the "pack leader." Thanks!

J Hallford
Elk Grove Village

January 20 2009

We made great progress with one lesson and have recommended the program to others. We have taken many dog lessons and found this system by far the best. Wished we had known about this program sooner.

Charlie Baxa

September 4 2008

Clear, specific behavioral techniques were explained and practiced. The behavior changes were dramatic after our two sessions. Family and friends noticed changes immediately. Chris Guth is extremely clear with instructions and descriptions on how to handle various situations. The training experience was fun and very enjoyable. Already my neighbor who plans to adopt a puppy mentioned that she plans to contact Chris. I only wish that I had contacted Bark Busters sooner when I first adopted the puppy. Nonetheless, we're now on the right track!

Maureen Culleeney
Elk Grove Village

August 18 2008

I was so amazed at the results. Now I not only love my dog, I can enjoy him as well. Chris was extremely patient with me as well as Cooper. She is a great spokesperson for Bark Busters.

Linda Ryback

July 24 2008

I was at my wit's end with Hattie's aggression, but with Chris's help and instruction, she has come a long way.

Susan Porten

May 30 2008

Chris is very patient and easy to work with. We noticed results after our first visit. I was very pleased with the training aids which do no harm to the dog. We loved having the trainer come to the house to train us. I have already referred a friend of mine. This is the best investment we have made with the dog. We tried PetSmart but we didn't have any success.

Tami D'Orazio
Elk Grove Village

May 25 2008

The training teaches us to be good leaders for our dogs. They are quiet, calm and well behaved! Our neighbors have no more complaints. We saw the dog's behaviors improve from week to week. Chris is quite friendly and knows us and the dogs well. She has so many ideas for different situations. We were on the verge of getting rid of Eli but he stepped up with the training and has become a good dog! Hats off to Chris! A great role model for Jaimus and I. She encourages us and does a great service for dogs and people.

Callie S & Jaimus V.
Elk Grove Village

May 23 2008

The training experience was enjoyable because it took place in my own home and my dog was the main focus -- not a group of dogs. I observed noticeable results immediately! I'm so thrilled!

Barb B

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