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May 3 2008

We saw noticeable results at the end of the 1st lesson. After a week we needed the trainer to return for a problem we were having. I called at 1:30pm and by 4:00pm she was at our house helping us. ~ At first I was skeptical but I've seen so many positive changes with my dog and we've only had 3 training sessions!

Amy Taucher

April 22 2008

Great results!! We have had many behavior specialists in our 64 years of marriage. In that period we have had 16 dogs - all breeds - all shelters. Christine is by far the best.

Lou Tanner
Elk Grove Village

December 14 2007

Jayda showed results after the first session, and she had had 3 previous trainings that never worked with other companies.

Carrie Oliver

September 19 2007

The trainer was very patient. She even went to the groomer with me to watch dog's behavior. Gave me many pointers to follow. I don't believe in hitting a dog in any way so voice training is excellent. The dog and I are much happier - almost had to give him up before training. I can control him now where he was aggressive before. His behavior is much better. Able to enjoy him more.

Anna Gulbin
Elk Grove Village

July 16 2007

Chris was always patient, cheerful, imaginative and creative with both Shanti & myself. She stuck with my dog & me through much difficulty. She even helped my pet sitter. I really needed the follow-through Chris provided. She not only lived up to the Bark Buster Credo, which I expected, but she was imaginative and persistent in her various approaches with my dog, Shanti. Shanti is very stubborn & challenging. She met her match with Chris! Hip, hip hurray for Chris!!

Jeannie M.

June 20 2007

Chris was outstanding! She is caring & concerned for our dog & us. She is a great instructor. Extremely knowledgeable! In 2 days, our dog had drastic improvement in her behavior. We are realistic about progress & in time expect even greater results. Very impressive. I've had 3 trainers in the past for other dogs & none were as professional & successful. I learned a lot and have already talked with people about this program & how awesome Chris was. Excellent follow up!

Susan M.

June 1 2007

I would recommend Bark Busters to friends and neighbors because of the quality of training and the time the therapist takes with you and your dog. Also, the lifetime guarantee is all worth it.

Anna Marie A.
Elk Grove Village

May 29 2007

Chris is an excellent trainer. She is knowledgeable about all of our dog's specific behaviors. We made tremendous progress in just 2 sessions! This is an excellent program to regain the control and respect of our pets so we can live harmoniously together! Thanks for providing such a comprehensive yet reasonably priced service!

Farrah F.

May 29 2007

Chris was awesome! She made everything so easy! It was amazing how quickly they learned not to rush the door when the bell rang. Every dog owner should learn this technique! I wish I learned it years ago. Thank you for helping our relationship with our dogs!

Kara B.
Elk Grove Village

May 2 2007

We had tried other remediations and were feeling discouraged. We now have hope that the dogs can live safely and happily.

Sharon K.

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