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February 18 2010

We were thinking of getting a bark collar, and I wanted to avoid anything like that for my small dogs. Our main problem with Charlie has been his barking, and that has gotten better in just a few days using the Bark Busters method. The natural training is excellent. We saw results by the end of the first lesson. Since he has some disabilities, the interactive food toy idea was great to give him stimulation. I will recommend Bark Busters.

Stephanie Haines, Adel Veterinary Clinic

January 6 2010

Deb is wonderful and we really appreciate all of her ideas! The Bark Busters training techniques are excellent.

Cathy Bales
Dallas Center

November 8 2009

Though the natural training techniques are a little unorthodox, they are excellent. At the end of 4 days the difference was night to day! The training is hard work but worth every minute. I will absolutely be recommending Bark Busters - in fact, I've already recommended to 2 families. Bark Busters: Good, better, best!

Andi Blume
West Des Moines

October 18 2009

Excellent. Deb explained the natural training techniques used by Bark Busters Home Dog Training in a way that was easy to follow and understand. There were noticeable results by the end of the initial lesson! I would recommend Bark Busters to those who have behavior issues with their dog.

Marsha Comes

August 13 2009

I saw immediate results, my 3 dogs reacted to Deb on the first visit and I now see noticeable results in how they react to me. I gained the knowledge and understanding to continue their training. I thought the training was interesting and enjoyable.---Deb was very thorough without being monotonous. The natural training techniques Bark Busters uses are excellent.---I appreciate this approach as I am opposed to physical punishment.

Lisa Prey

August 13 2009

Excellent in every category. Nigel actually didn't bark at a passersby, by the end of the first lesson! It also impressed me that Nigel did what was asked without treats!

Kate Moore

July 18 2009

By the end of the first session we saw a definite change - I noticed changes needed in my behavior and how Lucy responded to those changes instantly. The training experience was interesting and enjoyable, we learned a lot about what we were doing that was confusing Lucy and how to better communicate.

Amy Kimball

June 13 2009

We are very happy with picking Bark Busters to train what was an "F" dog (according to the online behavior quiz)! We observed noticeable results by the end of the first training session - Wrigley was more attentive. We almost went to a training class but are so happy we picked this program in our home and neighborhood so Deb could see Wrigley in action! We appreciated the background information on the inherent nature of dogs. It helped us identify why Wrigley may be acting a certain way. The training was enjoyable - Deb was very patient in explaining and showing us what we were doing right and what we could be doing better. We will recommend Bark Busters.

Catherine Drexler

April 26 2009

Deb did an excellent job of explaining the Bark Busters method. This approach really makes sense. It helps you to see what a dog might be "thinking" (how he responds to certain behaviors). I would recommend Bark Busters to those in need of help with their dog.

Lisa Hutchinson

February 25 2009

The Bark Busters method was explained very simply so that my 17 & 14 year old could relate to the reasons behind the techniques. Since my dog is older and it is hard to always have treats available for training, I was pleased with the natural training (without treats). I really like the Bark Busters collar vs. a prong collar. The training experience was interesting -- the wolf pack examples were great! I will recommend Bark Busters -- group therapy can be effective but the attention-seeking behaviors Rambo has at home are the problem. This could only be dealt with 1 on 1. I appreciated Deb seeing the behavior and the corrective advice given. My children and I were very motivated to begin changing behaviors after our first Bark Busters session!

Julie Nease

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