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March 18 2010

Dick has given us the tools needed to train our pit. After just a week, he is a new dog!

Brian & Michele Murrell

March 15 2010

The guidance given was very clear and well-demonstrated. Dick was a pleasure to work with. "Allie" was very submissive to the training. It was really nice to see her connected to me through eye contact. The growling is a little strange :), but I see the response it creates. Overall, it was a great experience, and I look forward to working with Dick on the next level.

Shayna Hess

March 4 2010

The explanations were easy to understand, and more importantly, they were easy to recall when working with the dog later. We observed noticeable results almost immediately. The dog would sit and stay. Good for a puppy. We don't know any new dog owners now but we will recommend Bark Busters to the first of our friends that get a new pet. I really appreciate Dick's accessibility to cover and recover questions that come up during training.

James & Gwen Dickson

February 27 2010

Amazing results in such a short amount of time. As long as we stick with training like we should, I have no doubt of great success with Dakota. THANK YOU!!

Mark & Cindy Weinberg

February 25 2010

I felt like I understood Dick's instructions very easily. Even in the first 5 minutes, I noticed a HUGE change in my dog's demeanor. I was very pleased because I knew she was not being hurt at all! I enjoyed every second of it. I also felt I learned so much. Would I recommend Bark Busters to my friends and neighbors? FOR SURE! I want to tell the whole world! I feel so relieved to know I can now have someone like Dick to call whom I trust completely.

Kelsey Menefee

February 25 2010

Dick informed me of the dog's reasoning, which helped me to understand the dog and get into her head, which made her respond greatly. Knowing some background about pack mentality made many training techniques make sense to me.

John Welter

February 25 2010

Dick made all points clear, very easy to understand. I love that there is no pain or treats to show dominance. The better Cooper gets, the better I feel about it. It's pretty expensive, but once we change our training methods, we will have a new dog. I can tell that this is just the beginning for Cooper but his change in attitude alone has been a huge difference.

Amanda and Sam McLellan

February 23 2010

Dick made a lot of sense, explained things very well, and set Eve and I up for success. We were very encouraged by Eve's progress in just one session! At 4 months, she was sitting, staying and coming on command. Dick is very patient, encouraging and knowledgeable. He is very easy to work with.

Michele Laveine

February 23 2010

Because my puppy started training at only 3 months of age, I expect to see more improvement over the next 6 months as well. I was impressed that the training did not revolve around food treats. The training experience was interesting-yes. Enjoyable-the majority of the time, although with a young puppy there were some frustrating moments as well.

Laura and Chris Tranquill

February 23 2010

I am getting great results with Lile. She is a whole new dog.

Kira Angel

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