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December 3 2009

I felt I had more control over my dogs. I now feel that I will have more control and can already see results.

Sue Hendricks

November 23 2009

Mr Messenger was very patient and easy to be around. If the training goes as expected, I will sing Bark Busters to the high heavens. Oscar seems more mellow now.

Joan and Dan Peterson

November 23 2009

Dick is patient and understanding if at first you don't understand. I very much observed noticeable results by the end of the first training session. My dogs are able to go above and beyond my expectations. I like that the system is no force and you don't have to feed your dogs loads of treats. Dick made it fun and educational. I've already started recommending Bark Busters as people see me train my dogs.

Eric Nicolarsen

November 5 2009

The natural training techniques all make sense especially when I see how Hoku catches on. Hoku is paying attention and responding nicely. He understands what he's supposed to do. I have already recommended Bark Busters to a couple of friends.

Lani Soules

November 5 2009

Even when we didn't understand, Dick explained the training techniques in another way for us to understand. I kept a weekly journal, Week 1 - Week 3 and I noticed a difference in my attitude towards Striker. I was very pleased with the natural training techniques! Much better than the negative techniques I saw growing up. I liked that the training wasn't treat controlled which can be expensive. I have recommended Bark Busters to others already! I explain to them that they must do the training daily for results. We have enjoyed the training. Very helpful for us as well as Striker. Dick always answered our phone calls and emails and assured us we were on track and doing well.

Carol and Kyle Alcock

October 19 2009

Dick was great at breaking steps down and re-explaining them as needed. Chloe was doing great during training - some things she had buttoned down by the next day. I enjoyed learning new concepts on how to handle Chloe. Thanks Dick for all the help!

Teressa Mitchell

October 15 2009

There is a lot of information in one session so the pamphlets and follow up phone call was appreciated. Suzy is definitely more submissive. Really appreciate the demonstration of skills. We're looking forward to following up and refreshers. Now that we have a baby, we followed up on a friend's recommendation to use Bark Busters.

Brian and Renee Niepoky

October 15 2009

Dick was very good at listening and answering our questions. Our dog is young, but he was starting to show improvements. I like the non-violent technique. A big focus for us is for Jersey not to jump or run off so I am a little worried the 'growl' will take a while for that to be achieved. The experience went really fast and I look forward to our next session.

Wendy and Eric Wilson

October 15 2009

Dick was very thorough, precise and easy to follow. We all were able to work with the dogs so Dick could watch and confirm our techniques. Sadie, our border collie, was quick to follow our instructions and submit. Good eye contact. We learned a lot about dog behavior which helped to reinforce the training tools. I especially liked the training collars. I have already recommended Bark Busters. I work at a veterinary hospital and have displayed the brochures and let clients know about it. The training was very much appreciated. It's so rewarding to see things working.

Melissa and Mark Carman

October 5 2009

Yes! Dick is enthusiastic, knowledgeable, understanding, patient (especially with me) encouraging and professional. Dick has promptly returned all calls on follow-up and further questions. The support and encouragement he has provided is commendable and greatly appreciated! I have already recommended Bark Busters to a friend!

Marjorie Jackson
Mount Angel

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