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August 31 2009

We saw noticeable results in our dogs. People are poor learners compared to dogs. My neighbors are enjoying watching and listening to me and my husband trying to 'growl' at our dogs. We are having (especially my husband) a hard time remembering the word 'Free' from the word 'OK'. We would recommend Bark Busters to our neighbors and friends.

Lois and James Ashe

August 31 2009

I have been happy with the process. Teddy has progressed. Great process - excellent teacher.

Clella Hancock

August 25 2009

Dick was very patient and clear. I noticed observable results at the moment they occurred. I was a bit uncomfortable growling at first but it was nice to know that I didn't have to punish my dogs, just remind them. I appreciated the positive feedback.

Jane Schuster

August 24 2009

Marvelous! We were all so comfortable and enjoyed Dick tremendously. We had a difficult beginning but made a lot of progress in the time he was here. The training experience was fascinating. Most of the training is for us and we're coming right along. I'm so happy we have gotten into the program and expect great changes.

Tami and Peter Wieden Smith

August 19 2009

The training techniques were easy and repeated frequently. I had much more confidence in my dog and myself. The experience/support/training saved myself and my dog in not giving up until we learned how to make it work - very positive! I recommend Bark Busters all the time!

Susan Steele

August 14 2009

The training techniques were very easy to understand and Dick was very patient with us. I was surprised by the results. I was a bit nervous prior to, but Dick's personality put me right at ease.---"Teddy", being eleven weeks old and deaf, I wasn't sure how things would go. To my delight, heresponded well.

Janice and Onni Bugni

August 14 2009

The training experience was very interesting. The training has been very helpful to us, especially with a high energy puppy and high energy kids!

Lyn and Ryan Gray

August 10 2009

Dick was incredibly patient and clear with his instructions. I really liked that he let US train our dogs! We couldn't believe how calm our home seemed, even a week after our training. The front door exercise was nothing short of miraculous!--Dick was extremely personable - yet to the point and respectful of our time. He inspired me to maybe be a Bark Buster someday! I would absolutely recommend Bark Busters - 100% without question! The investment was worth every penny...we have two new, balanced, well-behaved dogs! Dick was amazing! We look forward to our future encounters with him.

Cheri and John Carandanis

August 10 2009

"Lightning" is doing so well. He's no longer jumping up on me, which is what I really wanted. He is doing very well with the training.

Kim and Charlie Koehler

July 27 2009

Dick is very thorough and respectful of our opinions and questions. We observed noticeable results especially with the older dogs. They were taking notice and responding. Although it is quite challenging with three dogs, we would absolutely recommend Bark Busters to our friends and neighbors!

Susan and Jeff Marek

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